AAU Insurance for Coaches & Staff Only

(Coaches, Assistants, and Refs or anyone on the rink with the kids)

Insurance for participants will be purchased by the league, you may view your registration by cutting & pasting this link:

 TCIHL requires that coaches, assistants, refs, and Board members purchase an AAU membership to participate in league activities.
 $16 for coaches, refs, and league staff and volunteers (non-athlete). Memberships expire on 8/31 each year!
Registration Instructions:
1)  Go to: www.aausports.org

2)  Scroll down on main page to Non-Athlete and select the Blue Join Now box
3)  Then select "Non-Athlete or Adult Athlete Membership"

4)  Complete Application

        Select Non-Athlete Membership
        For Program, select  “Youth Program"
        For Sport, select  “HOCKEY INLINE”
        Are you a Club Member - YES - Enter Club Code –  WYA6C4

5)  Continue to Checkout
6)  Enter Billing Information and submit registration

7) You shold hear back within an hour

Click Here when ready!