Lightning Policy

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Lightning Policy

Lightning Policy

The ASYS lightning policy is based on recommendations from the Nation Weather Service and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. While no policy can guarantee 100% against a lightning strike our policy has been created to minimize the risk to ASYS participants.

1. At multiple fields  if one ASYS game stops play all will stop until the all clear signal is given by the officials.

2. If you can hear thunder the thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lighting. Play should be suspended immediately.

3. Once play is suspended all players, parents, coaches and officials should leave the playing field.  

4. A hard topped, rubber tired vehicle is the best sanctuary. Do not touch metal sides of vehicle.

5. If a vehicle is not available the bathrooms may be considered a shelter. Do not use plumbing fixtures during a storm.

6. Fifteen minute rule – Stay in the vehicle or structure until 15 minutes after the last sound of thunder. If additional thunder is heard teams will wait an additional 15 minutes. If subsequent sounds of thunder are heard after 30 minutes the game will be cancelled and rescheduled if possible.