Highland Baseball Club - By-Laws

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Highland Baseball Club By-Laws Updated January 1, 2018

Highland Baseball Club


Constitution and By-Laws

Revised January 2018


Article I

The name of this organization shall be the Highland Baseball Club. In the following it will simply be referred to as “the club” or “HBC”.


Article II

The purpose or purposes for which “HBC” is formed are as follows:


  1. To operate, manage and sponsor teams associated with Tee Ball, Rookie (machine or coach pitch), Minor, and Major divisions or their equivalents.
  2. Playing age for players participating is determined as of August 31st of the playing year.
  3. To associate adult persons for the training and encouragement of the youth of the community to accept the ideas of honesty, courage and good sportsmanship to develop highest quality characters.
  4. To do all things necessary and proper to carry out and execute the above named purposes of HBC.
  5. All income or increases from whatever source derived shall be used exclusively to operate and manage teams in HBC and to maintain and improve facilities and equipment the teams will use.


Article III

Project – To provide and opportunity for all eligible players to participate in baseball program at their proper competitive level.



Article IV

The members of HBC are to be parents, guardians or relatives of the players as well as all players that are eligible to play as “HBC” specifies.


  1. Person not meeting these requirements but want to join and contribute actively to the support of “HBC” may petition the board to be accepted.
  2. A player may be outside of the HBC boundaries and still play regular season at HBC. However the 10,11,12 year age would be INELIGIBLE to participate in Little League sanctioned post-season tournaments.
  3. Any exceptions to the above may be presented to the “HBC” board of director for consideration. Exceptions granted are one (1) year in duration.





Article V

Office and Board of Directors


  1. The executive officers of the “HBC” shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. The executive posts shall be elected for a period of two (2) years.
  3. The board of directors of “HBC” shall be the officers and fifteen (15) elected representatives.
  4. The fifteen (15) elected representatives shall serve a two (2) year term. Three (3) or four (4) representatives shall be elected each year so as to have alternating years of newly elected representatives.
  5. The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President or any three (3) member of the board.


Article VI

Standing Committees


Challenger League

Little League Representative

Tournament Director



Field Maintenance

Fall Festival Booth


League Commissioners

Health and Wellness Advisor



Article VII

Nominations and Elections


1.     Officers and representatives of “HBC” shall be elected in December. Officers shall take office in January. New officers may take office immediately after the election if it is the desire of the outgoing officer and the will of the new officers.


2.     The motion of an existing officer shall make nominations. Nominations will be accepted from the floor should sitting officers identify not enough candidates.


3.     At the close of voting by offices and executives the secretary shall announce all newly elected offices and executives.


4.     Vacancies in a position may be filled by a vote that garners majority approval of the HBC board of directors and executives.


Article VIII

Nomination and Election of Manager


  1. The board of directors shall act as a selection committee to nominate a commissioner for each respective league in the HBC and submit names at the next meeting for confirmation.
  2. The board of directors shall attempt to nominate commissioner from the HBC immediate area, but if unsuccessful may nominate from outside the HBC area.
  3. A coach shall retain his status for a one (1) year term or at such times that he resigns or is replaced by a majority vote of the board of directors.


Article IX



  1. The regular meeting of “HBC” shall be the first Sunday of each month.
  2. The annual meeting of “HBC” shall be conducted in December.
  3. A special meeting of the HBC board may be held upon the call of the President. By his announcement in advance, at either a regular meeting, or upon the giving of sufficient advance notice to the general membership by any practical means.
  4. Board members are required to attend 60% of board meetings. (Attendance based on 10 meetings per year).


Article X

Dues and Fees


  1. There shall be a charge of $25 per kid for members of HBC board of director.  However, full participation is expected from all members.


Article XI

Duties of Executive Officers


  1. The duties of the Executive Officers shall be such as are implied by their respective titles, and such as are specified by these by-laws.
  2. The President shall be the executive officer of HBC. They shall head all standing committees and be executive member of the same. The President shall prepare in written form for presentation to the membership at the December meeting a report of activities of HBC during for the previous playing year. They shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of the President.
  3. The Vice-President in the absence of the President shall preside at all meetings of “HBC” and board of directors. They shall also perform such other duties as usually pertain to that office. They may also serve as purchasing agent of “HBC”. If they decline this assignment for a reason acceptable to HBC, the President may assign this duty to another member.
  4. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of HBC and the board of directors. In addition they will tabulate all official motions and votes.
  5. The Treasurer shall receive all money due to HBC and shall pay all bills. They shall keep itemized account of all receipts and disbursements and present an oral report at each meeting and a written report at each annual meeting. The President may request a detailed report at anytime concerning the condition of the HBC Treasury.
  6. All executive officers upon retiring from officer shall deliver to the President all monies, accounts, record books, papers, or other property belonging to HBC.


Article XII

Policy Governing Non-Coaching Members


  1. After acceptance of rules governing coaching, non-coaching members should not approach directly any manager or coach as to the methods used.
  2. Non-coaching members should register any complaining, comment, or grievance to the Player Agent in writing. The Player Agent then will refer the state to the Grievance Committee for consideration and possible solution.
  3. Any non-coaching members shall at any function act with courtesy and sportsmanship. They shall, in no way reflect upon HBC or the managing and playing groups.
  4. The Player Agent has authority to take disciplinary action if is deemed necessary.


Article XIII

Policy Governing Managers and Coaching Staff


  1. Coaching members shall set high standards of examples of character and of sportsmanship, at all times. Any coaching member failing to live up to accepted standards are subject to removal by a vote of the HBC Board of Directors.
  2. After acceptance of rules governing Coaching Staff by entire membership of HBC board, it is mandatory that rules be followed throughout the duration of a coaching assignment. Any infraction of these rules may be questioned by any member, coaching or non-coaching, and referred to the President. At the Presidents desire, he may refer the question to the Player Representative for study and recommended action. If disciplinary action is deemed necessary, it will follow.
  3. Player Agent, Vice President and President will determine disciplinary action. If further action is needed it must be presented to the General Board for review (vote).



Article XIV

Parliamentary Authority


  1. The rules of Parliamentary Practice comprise in Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of this club, subject t the special rules which have been, or may be adopted.


Article XV



  1. All motions other than motions of amendment of the Constitution or By-Laws, submitted to the membership at any meeting shall require an affirmative vote of a majority of all votes cast to become effective.
  2. If a regular scheduled meeting is not held in advance of an emergency motion, HBC Secretary shall conduct a vote via email and tally all members casting a vote. This tally shall be conducted no sooner than 24 hours after notification is sent to HBC board of director member.


Article XVI

Amendment or Revision of By-Laws


  1. Amendments or revisions to this Constitution and By-laws may be moved at the annual meeting of HBC. Such motion for amendment or revision shall thereafter be read by the Secretary of HBC at the next regular meeting and may then be submitted for vote by the board of directors. Amendments or revisions shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all eligible voting members present at the meeting to become effective.


  1. A quorum consisting of 10 or more members shall be present at any meeting in which and amendment or revision to this constitution is moved, or voted upon.


Article VXII

Little League International sanctions HBC. Therefore, where appropriate, HBC will follow all official regulations and playing rules stated in the OFFICIAL LITTLE LEAGUE RULE BOOK.







Rules and Guidelines



a.     Every player must have completed a sign-up form and submitted payment prior to trying out at evaluation.

                                               i.     If any eligibility question remains, the player cannot tryout until a decision has been made.

                                             ii.     If any question in regard to age verification exists, the player cannot try out until eligibility is verified.

                                            iii.     If entry fee has not been paid in full, a player cannot tryout until either payment has been submitted or alternative arrangements have been made with HBC Treasurer.

b.     Each league (age division) must follow the team selection method appropriate for that level as outlined herein, the HBC rules, or as directed by any League rules that govern:

                                               i.     T-Ball – Carry over and placement by blind draw

                                             ii.     Rookie – Tryout and Draft

                                            iii.     Major - Tryout and Draft

c.  The All-Star coaches have final say in determining which players shall play

                 on the All-Star teams.         



II.             Commissioners and Coaches

a.     Each level (age group) shall have an appointed Commissioner. The HBC Board of Directors shall appoint the Commissioner.

                                               i.     Each Commissioner shall be responsible for organizing tryouts, overseeing season play, assisting with season tournaments, and directing post season needs.

                                             ii.     The Commissioner will assist in coaching selections in their age group.

                                            iii.     The Commissioner shall bring any grievance that cannot be resolved to the Player Representative.

b.     Each team shall have at least one (1) head coach.

                                               i.     Anyone that desires to coach can let his or her intentions be know to the Commissioner of the league, Player Representative, or board of director member.

                                             ii.     The board shall approve all coaching positions.

1.     If there is more than one (1) individual who desires to coach a specific team, the Board will accept a written resume. The Board will have final say on coaching positions.

2.     The head coach shall choose one (1) assistant coach for board approval.

III.           Rosters


a.     All teams in the HBC shall submit a complete roster of all players and coaches. The roster shall be submitted to “HBC” secretary before the start of the season.

b.     Once the season has began any additions to this roster must be submitted to the Commissioner and approved by “the board”.


IV.           Post Season Play

a.     Highland baseball will field a competitive post-season team “All-Star” in each age division if appropriate level of interest is available.

b.     Players who participated at Highland baseball will get first consideration regardless of skill level. Should the minimum number or required players not be available from Highland outside players may be considered. TEAMS MUST STILL MEET THE TOURNAMENT SANCTIONING REQUIREMENTS or FACE penalties outlined in article f.

c.     Once selected the coach shall submit a complete roster of player and coaches. This roster shall also include any alternate players.

d.     If a selected player cannot fulfill the post-season position, the coach shall first contact all alternate players to fill the positions.

e.     If the coach cannot fill the positions form the alternate list, all coaches of that level should be contact to choose any additional players needed.

f.      In the event this age group chooses to participate in any sanctioned tournaments. It is the responsibility of that head coach to ensure all criteria and eligibility requirements are met. Failure to do so can lead to disciplinary actions, up to and including forfeiture of coaching rights at HBC.

g.     The “Board” on an individual case basis must approve any deviation from these rules and guidelines.




Standing rules have the force of the By-Laws and may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all eligible voting board members without advance notice.


  1. Coaches and managers are not required to attend board meetings, but may attend with approval granted by the President.
  2. The Board may request that Coaches and Managers attend for specific reasons.
  3. The Board should study and recommend action, present to membership for approval and then take immediate action.
  4. Rules of Operation and disciplining of each team should be prepared in advance of the season by the Manager and presented to membership for approval. After membership approval is officially recorded, parties, managers and members are bound to this agreement throughout the current season. No changes are to be made by either party without club approval. Andy disagreement occurring should not be directed to manager or coaches but should be reported to the President and refereed to the Grievance Committee for it’s consideration and recommendations.
  5. Managers or coaches are not to play non-Highland All-Star players in schedule or unscheduled games or use “HBC” equipment outside of areas unless prior approval is given by the membership.
  6. As soon as possible, after approval by the membership each manager will present his Rules of Operation and Discipline to his team members and their parents, or guardian, at a meeting presided over the Commissioner of the league or Head coach.
  7. The batter, all base runners and team members when coaching shall wear approved helmets. Athletic supporters and heart guards are also mandatory for HBC participation.
  8. Registration fee schedule will be determined by “HBC” at the January meeting of each year.
  9. Baseball Teams are defined as follows:
    1. Tee Ball – Ages 4-6
    2. Rookie League – Ages 7-8
    3. Minor League – Ages 9-10
    4. Major League Ages 11-12
  10. Signed registrations card together with registration fee and a copy of the child’s birth certificate must be submitted to the club prior to try out dates or no later than day of first practice. No player will be assigned to a team without a signed registration form, copy of birth certificate and payment or arrangement of payment.
  11. The HBC Board of Directors shall determine club policies not covered by Constitution and By-Laws and standing rules.


Amendments I:

Smoking is prohibited on the grounds of Highland Baseball Club


Amendment II:

Players playing up in age division may be considered for All-Star play with their valid DOB age division of play should they choose to play with their DOB age for post-season play. Players would be subject to tryouts as all other participants.