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LaGrange MABL: Mens Adult Baseball League


LaGrange MABL (Mens Adult Baseball League) is a division of the national Men's Senior Baseball League, or MSBL. Whereas the MSBL is comprised of various divisions from 18 and over up to 55 and over, MABL is one contiguous age group starting at post Babe Ruth age of 18 and upward. In other words, if you are 75 years old and can throw a 75 mph curve ball, you will find a place on any MABL team. As a matter of fact, you can even start your own team and join the league! Teams are composed of anywhere from approximately 15 to as many as 25 players. LaGrange MABL is currently comprised of 10 teams from LaGrange and the surrounding area including Westmont, Westchester, Brookfield and DuPage County. Teams play approximately 25 games per season beginning in early May until after the first week of August including double-elimination league playoffs (for last year's schedule, go to Games are played home-and-away in participating suburbs and bats are strictly wood for insurance purposes. There are additional tournaments available in October, November and beyond including father-son tournaments in both Florida and Arizona. Cost has remained quite steady over the years at approximately $250 to $275 including uniforms. Finally, if you have any additional questions and you are interested in participating, please email MABL President, Chuck Mally at

2017 LGMABL Champions Red Angels

2017 LaGrange MABL Playoffs


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