H.E.A.R.T. of a Matador

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 What is the #HEARTofaMatador?

Hustle    Effort   Accountability   Respect  Teamwork 



 Respects the game, the umpires, his coaches, the team, and himself. 

 Is determined to succeed on the field....AND in the classroom 

Controls the tempo of the game by being in control of himself. 

Plays the game one pitch at a time, doesn't dwell on mistakes. (SWNP) 

 Works hard on and off the field, especially when nobody is watching.

 Accepts responsibility for his own actions as well as those of the team.

 Works hard and smart to get better everyday, both mentally and physically.

 Commands respect through his actions and work habits, leading by example.

 Will not accept anything but an all-out effort from themselves and teammates. 

 Is a passionate student of the game and strives to gain inexpensive experience. 

 Lives in the present moment, focused on the process and in a positive mindset. 

 Leaves every last ounce of energy on the field, playing as if today was their last. 

 Lives in the blood, sweat and tears, no excuses, no regrets, play like a champion. 

 Sets aside individual differences off the field and commits to being brothers on the field. 

 Has a hard nose attitude, a positive mindset, a championship swagger and big league confidence. 

 Shows tremendous pride in being a Matador, by fully committing to the team concept. 



 The strength of the Matadors IS NOT the INDIVIDUAL....The strength of the Matadors IS the TEAM.