2021 Cooperstown Team Information

Roxborough Rebels 2020 11U/2021 Cooperstown Team Tryout Information:
Tryout #1:  Sunday March 1, 2020 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Tee's Indoor Turf Field 725 Conshohocken Road
Tryout #2:  Monday March 9, 2020 6:00 p.m. - 7:45 p.m.  Roxborough High School Gym
Tryout #3:  Date/Time TBA (this tryout will be outdoors)
Tryout Requirements:
  1. Player must be league age 11 for the 2020 season. Use your child's age on 4/30/2020 to confirm.
  2. Player must play in our in-house recreational league for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.
  3. Each player must attend at least one of the indoor tryouts AND must attend the outdoor tryout.  Players are highly encouraged to attend all three tryouts.
  4. There is no cost to tryout but you must pre-register here:  https://www.leaguelineup.com/formpreview.asp?url=21stwardjl&formID=127017
  5. There will be a mandatory parent meeting at each of the indoor tryouts. At least one parent for each candidate must attend. During this meeting we will cover FAQs and provide a blueprint of what our Cooperstown experience entails.
What is the Cooperstown Team?
For nearly 20 years, the 21st Ward has been sending 12U baseball teams to play in a one-week experience tournament at Dreams Park in Cooperstown, NY, the birthplace of baseball and home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  There is a waiting list of thousands of teams who wish to participate each season, and we possess a grandfather certificate that allows us entry each season, provided we fulfill the requirements and meet Dreams Park registration/payment deadlines.  Given this is a high level competition, the team is selected when the players are 11 yrs old so they have one full year to play together and prepare for this experience. For a sneak peak into what the experience is like, we encourage you to look back at the 2019 Cooperstown team experience through photos, videos, and more:  https://www.facebook.com/2019RoxRebels/  We also encourage you to follow along the 2020 team's experience as they are over halfway there so you can see what's in-store for you!
What is the Commitment?
Once selected to the team, players will be expected to participate in all in-season practices, tournaments, and games.  We do encourage our players to participate in other sports in the Fall & Winter, so our off-season schedule is built with that in mind. The bulk of the action takes place in Spring & Summer.  But players can expect to also workout and/or participate in a select # of fall season games or tournaments.  Typically the team will take the months of Nov and Dec off and begin working out again in January about once a week. Off-season workouts will ramp up into the Spring season.
How Much Does it Cost?
Once selected, each player will be required to pay a nominal fee defined by the league to cover their 11U tournament season (covers uniform, tournaments, district/state tournament play, and Cal Ripken administrative fees).  In addition, each player will be required to pay a $200 commitment fee by Aug 1, 2020. This commitment fee is returned to you when you go to Cooperstown. Should the player not fulfill the requirements/commitments associated with being on the team or quit the team at anytime, the commitment fee is forfeited. 
The Roxborough Rebels Cooperstown team will execute a series of fundraisers (some in partnership with the Roxborough Outlaws) over about a 12 month period to raise the funds needed to participate in the Dreams Park tournament and cover the cost of the other tournaments you will participate in during their 12u season, as well as other team related expenses.  The experience at Dreams Park includes lodging, meals, and tournament entry for each player and coach on the roster. 
Travel and lodging costs for parents and family in Cooperstown are not included in fundraising efforts. Each family, should they choose to attend, will be required to cover their own travel and lodging expenses.   Dreams Park is a family friendly venue, with free parking, no admission fees, and budget-friendly concessions. 
When will the team go to Cooperstown?
The Rebels will go to Cooperstown in the Summer of 2021. In general, our teams have either gone the first week of August or the last week of July - we submit our preferences, but ultimately Dreams Park will assign us our week.  This summer, the 2020 team will make the required $ deposit and submit our grandfather certificate on-site at Dreams Park. This will secure our place for the 2021 season.  On or around October 1, 2020 we will learn the week the 2021 team is attending. At that time, you can begin securing your lodging and travel plans for your family.
What Happens During the Week in Cooperstown?
Players will make lifelong memories and partake in a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Dreams Park. Part sleep-away summer camp, part competitive baseball tournament, the experience offers the players a unique opportunity to live together for the week and play baseball. 104 teams from around the United States & Canada will converge on Cooperstown for the week.  Upon arrival on a Friday, teams will make themselves at home in the Dreams Park Baseball Village at their assigned bunkhouse (barracks). Each unit contains bunk-style twin beds to house the players and coaches and individual footlockers to keep their belongings safe. There are plenty of restroom and shower facilities in the village. The baseball village also has batting cages, an arcade, open outdoor space (lots of wiffle ball), and a concession stand in case the kids get hungry outside of designated meal times. Parents - you will only be permitted in the baseball village the day you drop your child off. After that, only players and coaches are permitted into the barracks and village area.  Once settled in, the kids will take off to make new friends from all over the country and will trade pins through the week (the pin trading is also a big hit with siblings and family too!).  Meals are included, so players and coaches will dine together as a team in the dining tent at designated meal times. There are concession stands near every field as well as in the village area, so players can also purchase food/drink/snacks.  On Saturday, teams will visit the photo studio for pictures and they will participate in Orientation, Opening Ceremonies, and a Skills Competition. Be sure to stick around Little Majors Stadium for the Skills Comp finals. The Home Run Derby is something else!  Sunday through Tuesday teams will play 2 pool play games per day on one of Dreams Park's 22 high quality playing fields. Each field has enclosed dugouts for players and a designated fan viewing area (which includes chairs). Teams will wear designated Dreams Park official uniforms and sit in the corresponding dugout for each game - home team in Red (3rd base dugout) and away team in Navy Blue (first base dugout).  You will get your schedule and home/away designations about one week prior to arrival.  At least two of those games will be live streamed on dreamspark.tv so fans at home can catch the action.  On Weds, the 104 teams are seeded and single elimination play begins.  You play until you lose.  Single elimination play continues on Thursday, and you will participate in closing ceremonies where players and coaches receive their rings and are officially inducted into the Youth Baseball Hall of Fame.  Then the championship game will take place immediately following closing ceremonies - don't miss it. It is some of the best youth baseball you will ever see.
At Dreams Park, all players will receive two uniform jerseys, hat, red and navy socks, and long sleeve undershirts. The team will purchase the required white knicker pants and red/navy belts to bring to Cooperstown with them.  In addition, each player and coach will receive a complimentary ticket to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame.    It is an unbelievable week and every child comes back with stories and memories to last a lifetime!  Don't miss your chance to be a part of the Rebels Cooperstown team!
Who are the Roxborough Outlaws Cooperstown Team?
The Roxborough Outlaws are an independent 501(c)(3) organization who partner with the 21st Ward Jr. League to make it possible for our local community to send TWO teams to Cooperstown team each Summer.  The teams work together on fundraising and both participate in a series of tournaments to prepare for their experience in Cooperstown.  They will coordinate and attend the Dreams Park tournament the same week as the Rebels.  If your child does not make our Rebels team, he/she will be eligible to tryout for the Outlaws.  To learn more about the Outlaws, contact John Hack at 215-787-7243. Our goal is to send 24 - 26 players from our community to Cooperstown each summer.