Open division 18+ Wood Bat - please contact Jay Habacht (305) 439-2644

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 games in the qualifier round. Team entry fee is $900. $300 deposit is due 7/22/19.Tournament champions receive an authentic AUBL Miami trophy and a $100 credit towards a future AUBL Miami tournament. 

Team entry fee is $900.

You may pay team fees as follows:

Paypal     Ca$h app    Venmo

Pay with credit card here 


mail a check to AUBL Miami, Inc

Rosters are limited to 25 players. There are 6-8 teams expected to participate. 3 games are guaranteed in the qualifier round. Each team will play 2 games on Saturday 8/31/19 and 1 game Sunday morning 9/1/19. After the 3 game qualifier round, the 2nd place and 3rd place teams will play in the semi-finals on Sunday afternoon 9/1/19. The winner of the semi-finals will advance to the finals Monday morning 9/2/19. The top team with the most points after the three game qualifier round will advance directly to the finals on Monday morning 9/2/19. Tie games are permitted. Tie breaker rules will be used to select playoff teams.

Playoff Qualifiers: Teams qualify for the playoffs based on the following point system:

Win = 2 points
Tie = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

Tie Breaker 1:  In the event of a tie in the standings (2 or more teams tied in points and winning percentage), the first tie breaker is head to head competition
Tie Breaker 2: If there is no head-to-head result, the team with the highest run differential wins the 2nd tie breaker.
Tie Breaker 3: In case of another tie, the team with the fewest runs allowed wins the 3rd tie breaker.
Tie Breaker 4: In case of another tie, the team with the most runs scored wins the 4th tie breaker.
Tie Breaker 5:  The final tie breaker is a coin flip.

Tournament Rules

The AUBL Miami Labor Day Tournament is played under AUBL Miami league rules (posted on the league website   

Some rules of interest are as follows:

1.  In each team’s batting line-up, a minimum 9 batters must be used.  You may add batters to the bottom of the lineup at any time during the game but you may not subtract batters from the line-up once they are added.

2.  Free defensive substitution.  There are no restrictions on defensive changes except the pitcher re-entry rule.

3.  Pitcher re-entry rule:  In the case of a pitching change, once a pitcher has been removed, he can only pitch again after one complete inning has been played (3 consecutive outs). 

4.  No intentional physical contact between base runners and defensive players. Violation of this rule will result in an automatic player ejection.

5.  Qualification round games are subject to typical AUBL Miami time limit (no inning can start after 3 hours). Qualifier games may end in a tie. Championship game must play to a result with no time limit. Any game that goes to the 11th inning will be played under World Baseball Classic rules (start with runners on 1st base and 2nd base - runners are the last 2 batted outs).

6.  In the event of rain, official game recorded only after 5 full innings completed.  Games started but not completing 5 innings will be suspended and completed later.  Offensive line-ups remain in tact and the game must resume at the point the game was suspended (from the scorebook).

7.  All Team Managers are asked to please text all game results to (305) 439-2644 immediately following the game, so that the standings can be updated in real time.