Effective January 1, 2018 the Babe Ruth League rules governing legal bats for T-Ball, Cal Ripken and 13-15 Baseball.  Bats must meet the new rule to be used next season.  Please see the info below before purchasing a bat for your player.  For more info click on the link http://www.baberuthleague.org/bat-rules.aspx



Allowable Bats:        http://baberuthleague.org/media/301774/USABat%20Tee%20Ball%20Sticker%20Program%20Overview.pdf


Allowable Balls:       https://usabat.com/approved-tee-balls/


Buy Stickers Here:   https://usabaseballshop.com/collections/accessories/products/usabat-tee-ball-sticker?variant=44877922632



Cal Ripken – All existing non-wood bats must be replaced. BBCOR bats are not allowed.


Allowable* Bats:       https://usabat.com/





Allowable* Bats:       BBCOR .50 bats are still allowed as well as bats with the USABat marking that was applied by the manufacturer (link above)




*Note: Wood bats are still allowed.