LOL Bylaws Article 01 (Miscellaneous), 02 (Penalties)

Land O' Lakes Baseball League Bylaws (known as LOL in the balance of these bylaws)

As amended on November 12, 2012 and February 27, 2013)

These bylaws are to be followed by all divisions and teams. A division may choose to create rules that are more restrictive than those listed in the bylaws. Said rules are subject to approval by the LOL Board of Directors.


A - The LOL Board of Directors shall determine annual dues for the LOL each season. Dues shall be paid by each division on or before May 1 of the current year to the LOL Secretary/Treasurer of the LOL. Current dues are $10 per team per season.

B - Each team received the current LOL handbook of rules during the 2012 season. The board of directors will determine when future versions will be distributed.

C - The LOL does not assume any financial liability for injury to anyone during the LOL season or sponsored events. All players and team managers must sign a waiver of liability release prior to playing in their first game. A copy of the release waiver is available for download from the LOL web site (

D - Division bylaws must be submitted to the LOL board of directors by April 15 of the current season. The LOL board of directors must approve any changes to division bylaws after April 15 through the end of the grand championship playoffs.

E - All teams wishing to join the LOL or existing LOL teams wishing to change divisions must receive final approval by the LOL board of directors by January 15.

F - NEW FRANCHISES. It is the goal of the LOL board of directors to grow and strengthen the LOL. In order to achieve this goal, new franchises must meet the following criteria:

1) They must submit a preliminary roster, made up of legal, committed players.

2) They must demonstrate access to a suitable ball park to play their home games.

3) They shall provide a financial statement showing their ability to field a team.

4) Upon being accepted into one of the LOL divisions, final approval must come from the LOL board of directors.

5) All new franchises will serve a two year probationary period.


A - The penalty for violation of any of the rules stated in Articles 3 through 7 can be up to 12 months suspension for any player, manager or team.

B - Any suspension handed down in one LOL division will carry over to all LOL divisions.