LOL Bylaws Article 06 (Pick System)

Article 6 – PICK SYSTEM

The purpose of a ‘Pick System’ is to limit the number of non-resident players on a given team thereby promoting home talent. The ‘Pick System’ will be put in place to promote competitive balance throughout the League.

A - A pick player is defined as a player who comes from a residence outside their prospective team’s territory.

B – A pick player shall be subject to the release procedures outlined in Article 7.

C – Pick allocations shall be determined by January 31 of a given year. The pick allocation form containing this information shall be sent by each division to the LOL Secretary/Treasurer postmarked no later than January 31 of that year.

D – Distribution of Picks – The following rules govern the distribution of picks.

1) The team representing the division in the Grand Championship Playoffs shall be the first place team and receive no picks. This applies to pick players only as defined in section 6A above.

2) Teams finishing runner up shall be the second place team. The team with the next best regular season record shall be the third place team. Teams finishing in second or third place shall receive one pick. However, this pick may not be a player on the roster of any team in the division. This applies to pick players only as defined in section 6A above.

3) Teams in fourth place through a winning percentage of .500 shall receive two picks. Note this includes teams with a .500 winning percentage.

4) All teams with a winning percentage of less than .500 shall receive four picks.

5) Winning percentages shall be derived from records completed during regular season games.

E -  With the exception of high school players, picks not used by July 4 shall be forfeited.

F - A pick must be used on a non-resident high school player.

G – Appeal for Picks – An appeal for additional picks may be submitted by a team that is in jeopardy due to a shortage of players. This should only be used in extreme circumstances. An example is if an excessive number of players are not returning in the same year. The following procedures are to be used.

1) Prior to filing an appeal for picks, a team must first publish a notice in their local newspaper stating that they are looking for players. A copy of this notice, including the newspaper name and date of publication, must accompany the submitted appeal for picks.

2) An appeal for picks form and the copy of the printed notice (see #1 above) shall be sent to the division commissioner.

3) After receiving the appeal, the commissioner may approve or deny the appeal.

4) Upon approval by the commissioner, the player(s) in question may play for the said team.

5) If approved, the commissioner shall forward a copy of the appeal for picks form to the managers in the division within five business days of approving the appeal.

6) Managers shall vote on the appeal via mail, email or telephone. The commissioner must record the vote and date of each team on the appeal for picks form.

7) If 2/3 of the teams vote in favor of the appeal, it shall be forwarded to the LOL Board of Directors for final approval. A copy of the completed appeal for picks form shall be sent to the LOL Secretary/Treasurer and postmarked no later than five business days from the passing vote.

8) If the vote does not pass, the said player(s) may not play for the given team. The division may hand out penalties. An appeal may be made to the LOL Board of Directors following the procedures noted in Article 8.

9) The LOL Board of Directors must give final approval and reserves the right to reverse the appeal and penalize as needed.

H – Inactive List – Each team shall have an inactive list, to be used in the event of an appeal for picks. The purpose of the inactive list is to safeguard against a team bringing back players it claimed would not be playing from playing after a pick appeal was processed. Players listed on the inactive list are ineligible to play in any LOL game until reinstated by the division commissioner. Procedures listed in Article 6-G shall be used for all reinstatements of inactive list players.