LOL Bylaws Article 09 (Regular Season Playing Rules)


The following are the playing rules for the regular season and divisional playoffs.

A – Playing Rules

1) The current publication of the Official Baseball Rule Book in the American League will be used unless amended by the following rules.

2) All teams may use the designated hitter for any player (MLB rule 6.10).

3) All players must wear a helmet with at least one protective earflap (facing the pitcher) while batting and on the bases.

4) Only players who are registered and on the team roster are eligible to play, with exceptions for high school or junior league players signed after July 4 of the current season. Eligibility rules found in Article 3 will be followed.

5) Only players, coaches and managers in uniform are allowed in the dugout and its surrounding area during play. The batboy and scorekeeper are the lone exceptions to this rule. No person under age 18 shall be permitted outside of the team bench area without a helmet on.

6) Players shall not sit in the bleacher area while the game is in progress.

7) Players shall not consume alcoholic beverages before or during the game.

8) The home scorekeeper shall be the official scorekeeper. Their score sheet is final.

9) It is strongly recommended that base coaches wear helmets. A base coach who chooses to not wear a helmet will assume all liability for any injury that may occur.

10) Malicious Contact

a) Definition - Malicious contact is contact intended to do harm. Examples of malicious contact include substantial contact that is not part of a normal play, contact made when no play is imminent, contact made when a player goes out of their way to initiate contact, and contact made to the body of a defensive player when a runner is clearly going to be out.

b) A player initiating malicious contact in the jodgment of the umpire shall be ejected from the game. If this player is a base runner, they shall be called out. If the umpire feels the contact averted the chance of a double play, one shall be called.

B – Field and Equipment

1) The home team shall provide the baseballs. The Rawlings ROML is the official baseball of the LOL. All league games must use the official baseball. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit by the home team.

2) All players, coaches and managers must be in clean, complete uniforms.

3) Only wood or wood composite bats are legal.

4) Umpires will be paid $75 for a single game and $125 for a doubleheader. Umpires should be notified two hours before game time for cancellations. Umpires that are not notified that show up will receive a $25 show up fee.

C - It is advised that LOL teams utilize the league web site ( for keeping track of stats and to assist the LOL in supervising player movement. Assistance in using the web site is available by contacting the LOL web master.