BALTIMORE SUN ARTICLE: Catonsville resident inducted into state softball hall of fame



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Edwin R. Miles




Born:January 16, 1955 in Baltimore, MD

High School:Southern High School, Baltimore, MD


Eddie’s career began in 1970 at age 15, playing for the Pacers with childhood friends Jerry Beck and John Copenhaver.He liked to play as many games as possible, playing with numerous teams in Catonsville, Woodlawn and Baltimore City on the nights that his regular team didn’t play.He played in the Baltimore AA Slow Pitch Softball League for more than 10 years and was named to the Catonsville League All Star team 15 times. He participated in tournaments at all levels every weekend and has received numerous All Tournament Team and Tournament MVP awards. In 1987, he was named MVP of the Regionals in York, PA while playing with Concrete Supply.


On the field, Eddie was a spark plug – that intense high average top of the lineup hitter who got on base and challenged the defense with his speed and base running skills.Although he could spray the ball to all fields, he especially liked hitting the right field line for a double, all the while thinking triple.A smooth fielding second baseman with great range, he prided himself in turning double plays, once turning 26 in a weekend tournament.He possessed the strong arm required to convert to shortstop when necessary.


Although fiercely competitive, Eddie kept things loose with his never-ending talk and his antics before, during and after the game.His teammates loved him; opponents, not so much.


Children:Sierra, Colt

Occupation: Social Security Admin – IT Systems Security







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HOF Voting results:

  • 2010 Finalist: Top 35
  • 2011 Finalist: Top 35
  • 2012 Re-submitted resume – added old articles (40 plus), more references to solidify recommendation to HOF


Please consider me for the Maryland Slow-Pitch Softball Hall of Fame for year 2013. I was told by my peers back in 2010 to submit my name for playing the position of second base / shortstop and as a solid .600 hitter throughout career – 5 tool ball player.


Most recently by teammates and coaches; notably:

Dutch Detwiler, Buddy Dashiell, Joe Palmerino, Jerry Beck, Warren (Wams) Wamsley, Marty Cook, Joe Lycett, Sammy Gephardt, Pat Carey, and Buddy Hynes and many more. All members of the Maryland Slow-Pitch Softball Hall of Fame. You can also use any one of the above as references for my nomination into the HOF.


Infield Leader:

Whoever recruited me to play with their team, especially for the 2nd base position? This would automatically solidify the infield, allowing the shortstop to cover his position at not worry about the traditional – right handed, second baseman covered and left-handed shortstop covered from the pitcher. Communication was the key, pitcher signaling to infield pitch will be inside allowing second baseman a jump and awaiting possible errant double play throws. Known for my extraordinaire range at the 2nd base position, sure glove and possessing one of the fastest double-play pivots around. Once turning 26 double plays in a tournament (see article #2)


Longevity and still going:

John Copenhaver, Jerry Beck and I grew up in the same West Baltimore neighborhood playing softball at Wilkens Playground, basketball up St. Benedict’s church, or hockey down at the Paterson Park Ice rink, whatever. I have been playing organized softball since I was 15 years old and still going strong. Back in the early 70’s at Joe’s Oak Grove, me and the boys Jerry Beck, John Copenhaver, Bobby Baynes started playing softball religiously 7 days a week, at least 20 games a week. Started off playing second base, shortstop and have not stopped to this day. Usually when the team I would go to did not have a shortstop, I would play there. But, my bread and butter were always and still is second base.


Definitely a Glove man:

I consider myself a premier second baseman and throughout all these years I have taken great pride in the fact of turning double plays in the first base hole spinning and whipping the ball to the shortstop or up the middle flipping out of the glove or behind the back, whatever it took.


With the bat down the right field line:

Can spray the ball anywhere, but my expertise as a right handed batter was going the opposite way down the right field line. I also averaged batting around or above .600 through out my Double-A, Major Plus career with teams such as Half-Mile Track, The Park, Pats, Smileys, Concrete Supply(O’bradys) etc. Back in the 70s, 80s playing Double-A ball while also playing with some great Sprit’s West, Concrete Supply, Buddy Hynes traveling teams in Baltimore City and US.




Managed by the best:

Some of the great managers, owners and coaches I have had the privilege of playing under were

  • Wahoo Price (Smileys, Sprit’s West, H&s Distributors)  - Owner Butch Gucuska and Smiley & Nancy
  • Buddy Dashiell (Concrete Supply, O’bradys)
  • Vince Serio (Pats)
  • Greg Stokes (Fraternity)
  • Tommy Shafer (Angle Inn Doghouse) - Owner Clayton
  • Joe Palmerino (Angle Inn Doghouse)
  • Buddy Hynes (Buddy’s Traveling All-Stars)
  • In addition, believe me many, many, many more.


Team Notables ;


  • Angle-InnISSA World Championship Salem, Virginia 2009 – Men’s 50+
  • Angle-Inn – ISF WORLD CUP 2009 Finished 2nd Salem, Va.
  • Angle-Inn – ISF WORLD CUP 2008 Finished 3rd  Salem, Va.
  • Angle-Inn – ISF WORLD CUP 2007 Finished 2nd Salem, Va.


State Championships:


  • The Park/Half Mile Track
    • Finished 2nd in the Single A state championship 2 times.
  • Top Ten: Spirit’s West, Falcon Bucs, Park, Smileys.


Major Double-A Softball (UTZ Patterson Park, Druid Hill Parl)


  • Md. Double-A Softball (Utz, Druid Hill)
    • Finished 2nd five times with the Park, Half Mile Track  or Smileys.




  • Won Co-ed State Championship with the Calvert House with Bobby Baynes, Dave Hamick.
  • Uncountable Tournaments wins and team all-tournament selections in the ‘80s with teams such as Smileys, O’Bradys, Concrete Supply, Sprit’s West, Pats, etc.\


Just memories – but true (really!):

  • True Story: Famous Marylander game against the Baltimore Stars, down by 25 in the 5th inning and about ready to get 10 run ruled. Scored 35 runs in one inning and ended up 10 running them.
    • I remember collecting 6 hits in that inning.
    • I also remember Danny Markowski sitting right behind home plate.
  • True Story: Pinch hit grand slam in bottom of the 7th with 2 outs to win by one for T. Applesmidts Bar – late because I couldn’t find the field.
  • True Story: Came off of knee surgery after 3 months (tumor inside-got cut out), pinched hit down Riverside Park for Sprit’s West and hit a point in sky and called home-run to win game in Timberland boots.
  • True Story: Played in a Sunday morning game illegally for T. Applesmidths Bar at 9:00 am – hit a home run to win game. Played in my regular game for Spirit’s West at 10:00 am on opposite field at hit a home-run to win that game. Both articles were in Catonsville Times unbeknownst to the newspapers editors. Commissioner of league found out by reading paper and suspended me for 2 weeks.
  • True Story: Sonny Keferman (Thumpers Softball team) was on first base. I hit a gaper; he was running around 2nd base when he lost his false teeth. He kept on running, as I rounded 2nd; I picked his teeth up and gave it to him at home plate.
  • True Story: Travis Nunnally had a huge moth fly into his ear while playing in Berlin, MD. He kept playing and screaming holding his head every time the huge bug would move. After game we poured bear down his ear by a vans front head light, still couldn’t get the bug. After a while we didn’t believe him, until we went to the hospital and the doctor’s couldn’t find anything. Travis insisted it was still there, finally a nurse came in with long fore sips and dug in and finally pulled a wing out, and after a couple more tries finally pulled out this huge moth and put it in a test tube –TRUE STORY.



Past  Individual  Honors: 


Numerous articles in the Catonsville Times from the early 1970s until late 1980s:

  • See attached appendices of news articles


  • Played Double-A Softball at least 10+ years (1981 to 1991) – Paterson Park/Druid Hill
  • Major Plus
  • League Catonsville/Woodlawn/Arbutus batting titles. Made over 15 Catonsville/Woodlawn/Arbutus All-Star teams
  • MVP Catonsville Tournament (Sprit’s West/ Brandys) – see article  June 29, ‘83
  • Defensive Honors – Won Catonsville Tournament (Sprit’s West/Harriss’) 1981
    • Turned 26 double-plays – playing shortstop or second.
  • 2 Irvington / Slentz Field MVPs with Spirits West, The Loop – Late 70s, early 80s
  • MVP - EAST COAST Regional Finals. York PA. back around in the 80s with Concrete Supply
  • Falcon Bucs MVP/Tournament Team - Bingington, NY World Cs Class – 80s
  • MVP (The Jazz) Carroll Park Tournament early 70s.
  • Defensive Player Carroll Park (The Jazz) early 70s.
  • Batted .895 one year (averaged .600/.700 in the 8 year span) with the team CGR (Formerly Westinghouse – Wilkens Ave). The team lost 1 home game all played at the infamous Wilkens Avenue softball field in a span of 8 years; which was managed by Gene Barnes/Wahoo Price. Team members included John Coppenhaver, Jerry Beck, Kenny Borkman, Bill (Pooh Bear) Pohler.


Information verification by contacting:

·         Craig Clary, reporter for the Catonsville/Arbutus Times

o   Craig also played in the Catonsville leagues during time mentioned


o   Office: 410-332-6426

o   Cell: 443-285-2516


Played in the famous Wooden Bat league 40+ in Ellicott City, MD. From 1995 (40 yrs. old) till present


Over 50 plus :  Angle-Inn Doghouse Softball club:


  • All-World in Salem Va. 2009 ISF World Cup 50+ softball,
    • Batted 27 for 30 (.900 avg.)
  • All-World in Salem Va. 2008 ISF World Cup 50+ softball,
    • .733 avg.
  • All-World at the 2008 ATLANTIC COAST CHAMPIONSHIPS plus 50 in Loudoun County, VA.
  • Nomination MVP / Defensive player voting in the Early Bird Bachmann tournament,
  • All-Tournament Team Watermelon Classic Champion SPA-NIT Qualifier 2009


Over 55 plus Major Softball:


  • Summer of 2010 – Tore my bicep playing for High Street Bucs
  • October 2010 – Major Surgery (Torn bicep/labrum , rotator cuff damage, arthritis, etc)
    • Muscle reattached to 2 screws in shoulder bone to restructure
    • Started 2 year rehab assignment
  • Summer of 2012
    • Stared playing softball for High Street Bucs teams (Over 50 and 55)


Team Ranked #1 in Catonsville for 4 straight years.

Beating St. Agnes went 5-5 in 29 hit attack.

3 more hits in 19 hit attack against Morsebergers.

3 more against St. Marks in 19 hit barrage.

Miles, the club's top-hitter (.678) in the 7 game tournament.







York, PA Regionals


Concrete Supply 1987

Team that year won 10-15 tournaments, 2nd place twice and 3 third place finishes. Concrete won the York, PA Regionals on their way to the World Championships in Dallas, Texas.






 Top-Hitter in league


WESTSIDE clinches divisional championship





Help turn 26 twin killings in 10 games 







Morning League


Spirit's West

Record 31-7


Team has already won the Sunset Classic in Ocean City (Gary Getz - MVP) and Irvington Early-Bird
(Miles - MVP)
4 for 4



Help turn 26 twin killings in 10 games



Sprit's West 31-6



4 for 4



.544 Sunday AM
3 for 3

4 for 5

Home Run



2-run single in 7th for win

League Champions

Leadoff 13-17

2 Home Runs





Spirit's West


1981, 82, 83, 84


Winning 3 of 4 Tournaments, 2nd the other




Going 7 for 9




Going 5 for 7

5 for 7
3 for 3

Spirit's West 25-5

#1 ranking


Spirit's West


Ranked #1

3 for 4 
4 for 4


Going 4 for 4

Spirit's West #1 Ranking
4 fo 4
Spirits ranked #1


Remembering Travis "T-BIRD" Nunally


Charles "CHOP CHOP" Fischer pitches NO-HITTER