Michael A. Greaver


Born:  July 4, 1959 in Baltimore, MD

High School:  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Essex, MD


Mike came onto the softball scene in 1982 and was one of the main reasons for the successes of Mace Liquors.  He was an offensive mainstay who consistently led the team in batting average, home runs and RBIs with power to hit the ball as hard and far as anyone in the game at that time.  He was a natural leader due to his performance and attitude on the field.  Despite his talents, he never acted superior toward his teammates, playing wherever needed and doing whatever was required for the success of the team.


In 2009, Mike played 50+ Major Softball for Damon’s Grill who won the National Championship in Fort Myers, Florida.  He retired after the season due to minor injuries and eye surgery.


Mike was actively recruited by many high caliber teams but remained loyal to his team.  Manager Mike Rose described him as the “ultimate high performance, low maintenance player who gave it his all every inning of every game”.


Married:         Gina

Children:        Nick, Kyle

Occupation:  General Contractor