Deer Mountain Day Camp

Competitive Program General Reminders

Provided below are important reminders for those participating in our Competitive Program. 
Games Please arrive 45 minutes before your scheduled start time to allow proper time to warmup and get the team organized to play.  Please check the applicable league website for schedule and field information.  You should familarize yourself with the location of the field by using MapQuest or Google Maps.  Never assume a game is cancelled due to inclement weather.
Uniform All players must wear their complete league sanctioned uniform, including the correct socks and shorts. Your coach or team manager will instruct you on which color game jersey to wear, however, it is recommend to always bring BOTH game jerseys.
Soccer cleats (with rubber or plastic) are REQUIRED. 
Football, baseball or softball cleats are not an acceptable substitution.
Shinguards Proper fitting shinguards are REQUIRED and must be covered by your practice or uniform socks.
Soccer Ball
Players are REQUIRED to bring an age-appropriate sized (and properly inflated) soccer ball:
Size 3 (for u7-u8); Size 4 (for u9-u12); and Size 5 (for u13 & older)

Players should bring a water bottle (or 2) to all practices & games.  Unless for medical reasons, please avoid soda and juices.  For intense physical play, a sports drink (not "energy") is recommended.

Other Clothing Since temperatures can fluctuate within the seasons, players should dress in layers based on outdoor or indoor conditions.  For added convenience, we suggest a gear bag so items don't get lost.
Jewelry All jewelry (e.g. earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and hard hair clips/beads) must be removed for all practices and games.
Spectators Spectators/parents need to sit in designated areas along the field sidelines.  Seating along the end of the field or in proximity to the goals is not allowed.  Parents are expected to cheer for all players but never "coach" them from the sidelines.  While you may disagree with a game official's call, parents should refrain from making any verbal comments.
Facility Use No pets, of any kind, are permitted any where on the property of our facilities.  Additionally, all smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.  Any offenders will be REQUIRED to leave the property immediately, and risk removal from the league.