The latest edition of the Babe Ruth Softball Rules & Regulations shall be the official playing rules of the Ridley/Interboro Babe Ruth Softball League LEAGUE, subject to certain variations determined by the Board of Directors of the League. When any rule or its interpretation is in conflict, the Official Rules and their intent will apply.





1. All rostered players present for the game shall bat in order, whether playing defensively or not. The batting order will be adhered to. Any player not present prior to the beginning of the game cannot be placed in the batting order being submitted to the opposing manager.

Players arriving late will be placed at the bottom of the batting order and her name must be submitted when she enters the order.

2. There is no bunting.

3. The pitcher (player) should be at a depth of 35 feet on the dirt area of the mound before the ball is delivered by the Coach. The Coach must not block the view of the pitcher. Player will wear face mask.

4. The batter must wear a helmet. Helmets are to be used on deck and while on base.

5. No stealing is permitted.

6. A half inning is over when FIVE (5) runs have scored or three (3) outs are recorded, whichever occurs first. This rule will apply to every inning except the last. If time permits, then there are unlimited runs scored. If you do not finish the inning the score will revert back to the score at the end of the last completed inning.

7. All games are official regardless of innings played, unless rain, lighting or an earthquake occurs.

8. A thrown bat constitutes an out after a bench warning by the umpire.

9. Batter shall have 3 swinging strikes or 6 pitches, whatever occurs first. If 6th pitch is a foul, batter can have another pitch.

10. Run ahead rule: If, at any time in the game, any team is up by 10 runs, no runner may advance more bases than the batter is entitled to.

e.g. – The batter reaches first base safely or is out at first, a runner at first can only advance to 2nd, a runner at 2nd can only advance to 3rd. Any runner advancing more bases than the batter will be returned to the base they were entitled to with no penalty.






1. All players present for the game must play a minimum of three (3) defensive innings. No player will play more than four (4) innings at the same position; including extra innings.

A. Coaches will be asked to use discretion if time limit approaches to do their best to get everyone into the game.


2. TEN (10) defensive players will be allowed on the field during an inning, at the coach’s discretion. Players will be positioned at all infield positions and FOUR (4) outfield positions. A minimum of nine (9) players is required. Less than this amount will result in forfeiture.

3. Two (2) coaches may be stationed beyond the infielders (left center field and right center field) to instruct all defensive players. If the coach on the pitcher’s mound is to knock down a ball to protect a child or the ball hits the Coach, the hit shall be a single and runners advance one (1) base.

4. Play will cease when the ball reaches the infield.

5. There is no penalty for an overthrow on a play being made at any base. At the time of the overthrow the play will become dead. All runners halfway or more to the next base will be awarded that base. All runners halfway or less will be returned to the last base touched. No outs can be made and no runners can advance more than the base awarded after the overthrow occurs. This rule also applies to throws being made back to the pitcher (player or coach) after a play is made.

6. There is no "Infield-Fly" rule.

7. Pitcher position – player must have one foot in the circle as the coach delivers the pitch.

A. Pitcher can play either side of the coach.


8. Face masks for Infields/Pitcher- Infields, including pitchers, will wear face masks. Players not wearing face masks will not be allowed to play the infield.





 1. Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine will do the pitching, with a setting of 3-3-2. From May 15, 2017 (midpoint of the season), we will allow the players to pitch the last 2 innings of every game (innings 5 & 6). Umpire will call looking and swinging strikes. 4 balls will result in coach pitch for the remainder of that at bat, count then resets to zero. When that occurs, batter will then get 3 swinging strikes or 4 pitches, whatever occurs first. No walks will be given, even in the event of the batter being hit by the pitch. If the last pitch is a foul, she can get another pitch. Strictly pitching machine will be used for the playoffs.

2. No player will bat from a tee.

3. All runners must stay in contact with the base, until the ball reaches the plate or batter makes contact.





1. A regulation game is six (6) innings. However, if the game has been played for 1 hour and 45 minutes, and another scheduled game is to follow, the game will end and winner declared.

2. Darkness – Games ending due to darkness – If a game has been played for 1.5 hours the managers will meet to determine if an additional full inning can be played. If not, and official innings have been played the winner will be declared. If the decision is to continue to play and the inning cannot be completed than it will revert back to the previous inning and winner declared. No games will be suspended due to darkness. If a game is tied than it will be recorded as a tie.

3. The home team director shall make all postponement decisions, at least an hour before game time. If both teams are there the plate umpire for the game will have the final authority.

4. Bases (1st and 3rd) will be sixty (60) feet from home plate and the pitcher's rubber will be (35) feet from home plate. The Pitcher’s circle is 8ft in radius.

5. All games will have a start time of 6pm.





1. The action of players, managers, coaches, umpires and League officials must be above reproach.


2. Uniformed players, managers, coaches and umpires only shall be permitted within the confines of the playing field prior to and during the games. All players, managers and coaches shall be seated on the bench unless actively participating. One (1) player will be permitted in the on-deck circle at a time. The first infraction results in a bench warning. The second infraction results in the removal of the offending player.

3. Incessant derisive remarks or behavior directed at the opposing team or the umpires will not be tolerated. Should anyone (player, manager, coach, etc.) continue after a warning by the umpire, to hurl insults at anyone, that person will be removed. If the team participates, forfeiture may result.

4. No player shall circulate among the spectators or converse with them while the game is in progress.

5. Managers will be given one (1) warning by the plate umpire to inform any parent of his/her unsportsmanlike conduct. If the parent refuses to cooperate, the game will be an automatic forfeit.

6. The throwing of helmets, bats or any equipment by a player, manager or coach, whether in disgust or not, will not be tolerated. No warning will be given and that person can be removed from the game.

7. Smoking/chewing of any tobacco items will not be permitted, by anyone, inside the fenced in boundaries of the playing field during pre-game preliminaries and games.






1. Playoffs will be scheduled in accordance with the division structure of that year.


2. The minimum player rule is still in effect.

3. All teams in all divisions will be in the playoffs. Seeding will be used for playoffs based on standings. Records are determined by points earned by game outcomes: Lose 1 point, Tie 2 points and Win 3 points.

4. Playoff structure will be determined before the playoffs of each season by the Board of Directors.

5. All playoff games must be played to their conclusion. Games stopped due to weather, darkness or any other reason will be rescheduled and resumed from the point at which they were stopped.

*Section III Rule 1 updated 5/4/17

*Section II Rule 5 added 5/4/17