Seals Juniors Walk-In Clinics

May 31, 2010
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Summer Junior Seals Walk-In Clinics 2010
This Summer the San Francisco Junior Seals announce Drop-In Skills clinics (for the fourth year in a row) and Soccer Camps. These clinics were established because of our belief that the youngest soccer players need fundamentals more than they need organized competition.  Our clinics are loaded with support and direction. The ultimate goal is to get the skill right.  Winning a game is not the objective though we use small sided games in a pressure-less setting to put the skill into real-time practice.
The Walk-in Clinics will be staged at:   Speedway Meadow on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. The Clinic will run Monday thru Friday from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.  The start date is Tuesday, June 1st and the program will run every weekday until the last week of August.
Coaches are ex-professional players, Seals players, and current college players.  
Entry level age is 5 years.  In general the upper age is approximately 11.  The youngest and least skilled start at basic levels. However, no skill level is too high and no age is too old for our clinics.  A child who is over 11 years of age or already highly skilled may be better served by individual training or special group training. So even if your child is over 11, or highly skilled, come to the clinic for an evaluation.  We can then advise you about the best individual approach.  We offer group sessions for teams, individual training for strikers and goalkeepers, and we can tailor sessions to any child's needs.

Seals Junior Academy Camps will also be held during the Summer season.  Click here to see the camp schedule.  
Daily walk-in (no registration needed) fee:  $25.00
5 Day Pass: $100.00
10 Day Pass: $175.00
20 Day Pass: $300.00
Full Summer Pass: $500.00 
If you have any questions you can email us at: