2016 All-Stars!

June 3, 2016
Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star (Majors, 10/11's and 9/10's), which will be played from June 25th through July 10th, and District 39 tournaments (7/8's and 8/9's), which will begin June 12th and run through June 22nd.
7/8 Year Old Tournament Team
(Hosted by SLV LL)
Manager – Morgan Scarborough
Coaches – TBA
Sawyer Amos - AA Indians
Graham Baxter - AA Indians
Anderson Bibbey - AA Braves
Justin Griffis - AA Braves
Jackson Haddad - AA Indians
Kolbe Handley - AA Indians
Wyatt Himmelstrup - AA Giants
Sean Johnson - AA Athletics
Kingston Mattair - AA Giants
Vincent Noce - AA Athletics
Chase Petersen - AA Giants
Colton Scarborough - AA Athletics
Mikey Sijher - AA Giants
8/9 Year Old Tournament Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL)
Manager – Loren Fontinell
Coaches – TBA
Dominick Aguilar - AAA Chihuahuas 
Marlon Braun - AA Indians
Keenan Buntz - AAA Chihuahuas
Jack Dagan - AAA Nationals
Luke Fontinell - AAA Chihuahuas
Johnny Giandana - AA Indians 
Ian LeBarre - AAA River Cats 
Devin Merchant - AAA River Cats 
Carson Seeger - AAA River Cats 
Noah Steiger - AAA Nationals 
Chase Thomsen - AAA Sounds
Hayden Woolworth -  AA Indians
9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL)
Manager – Mike Olmsted
Coaches – TBA
Nick Frey - AAA Chihuahuas
Anthony Griffis - AAA Sounds
Malakhi Higbee - AAA Sounds
D'Rell Hopkins - AAA Nationals
Cody Houston - AAA Twins
Nathan Kueny - AAA River Cats
Jaden Moyer - AAA Nationals
Connor Scarborough - AAA River Cats
Jaden Shabry - AAA Nationals
Mason Stark - AAA Twins
Benji Stretch - AAA Sounds
Josh Rudrow - AAA Chihuahuas
10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Aptos LL)
Manager – Mark Edgemon
Coaches – TBA
Damian Aguilar - Majors Nationals
Jackson Amos - Majors Astros
Max Baxter - Majors Astros
Wyatt Berridge - Majors Astros
Billy Bowers - Majors Athletics
Nathan Davison - Majors Athletics
Tristan Dean - Majors Nationals
Kenai Dindia - AAA Nationals
Cash Ebright - Majors Athletics 
Quinn Edgemon - Majors Athletics
Erika Kindred - Majors Astros
Kai Kiyabu - AAA Nationals
Skylar Thayer - AAA Sounds
11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
(Co-hosted by Cap/Soquel and Live Oak LL's)
Manager - Jared Austin
Coaches – TBA
Dylan Arroyo - Majors Nationals
Cooper Austin - Majors Athletics
Tyler Cambron - Majors Athletics
Alex Crandall - Majors Nationals
Ryan Hodge - Majors Athletics
Jaden Hunter - Majors Nationals
Micah Jewell - Majors Nationals
Michael Kelly - Majors Nationals
Robbin Matajcich - Majors Athletics
Jackson Parmenter - Majors Astros
Josh Purtscher - Majors Nationals
Rider Saunders - Majors Astros
 Noah Wyman - Majors Astros