Three SRL Teams "Competed" in the 2014 NWLA Mock Tournament



The Jabronis Westside Washout Wiffle Ball Gods


For the second year in a row, three teams from the SRL were seeded in the NWLA Large League Mock Tournament.  The winners for each matchup were determined by votes from the commissioner (or a league representative) from each league in the NWLA.

SRL champs, the Jabronis, were seeded #2 in the Fastball Region “played” in Atlanta.  The Westside Washout were the #7 seed in the Curve Region based out of Lewiston ME, while the Wiffle Ball Gods were the #14 seed in the Sinker Region in Portland.

Round One: All three SRL teams won in the first round of the mock tournament, with The Jabronis topping the #15 seed The Chainsmokers of the LWA.  The Westside Washout bested the #10 Wicked Aces from WSEM, and the Wiffleball Gods upset the BWBLPA champions, the #3 seeded Vipers. 

Round Two: All three squads fell in the second round. The Jabronis were upset by the tenth seeded Rays of the HRL, the Washout lost to the #2 Breaking Balls from the HWL, and the Wiffle Ball Gods were eliminated by the #6 Mariners of the HFWB.