Jabronis Win

Second Annual Tournament for Little Eric's Foundation


Pictured: Nick Cholewa, Zach "Artim Bomb", Ryan Carr, Mikey Holloway, and Joey Dougher.

Mascots: Bruce Wayne and Jared Smigelski


The Jabronis captured the championship in the SRL's Second Annual Tournament for Little Eric's Foundation with a 4-2 victory over the Smoking Aces.   While the turnout was smaller than last year's, it was still a great time and $200 was raised for a worthy cause.  

Only five home runs were hit on the day with two of them coming off the bat of Scott Lipinski.  Scott's teammate Bill Columbo also hit one.  Josh Sorber hit a walk off homer against Clown Fundamentals, and Zach Artim hit what proved to be the game winner in the championship game.



Game Results:


         Winner             Loser       Score       
Wiffleball Junkies      Clown Fundamentals      11-0
Jabronis Smoking Aces 1-0
Smoking Aces Clown Fundamentals 11-1
     Jabronis      Wiffleball Junkies 3-2
Jabronis Clown Fundamentals 7-4 
Smoking Aces Wiffleball Junkies 3-1