High Performance Training Center

HPT was designed to be used on the go via your phone or at home via your personal computer.  Please click links to watch videos.

Unleash your power!

High Performance Training strategies for wrestling coaches.


Training Design

The organization of training is a critical factor to implementing a suc-
cessful season.  "Training Design" covers pre-season, post-season,
warm-ups, & much more.  This video ties the HPT series together.


High Performance Training

"High Performance Training" covers a lot of the training theory the
U.S. Olympic Committee suggests for all Olympic sports.  You will 
see graphs, charts, & other data that explain the periodization model. 


High Performance Training II: Peaking & Tapering

How do you know when your athletes are ready to compete?  When
does supercompensation happen?  How does tapering affect peaking?  
This video gives answers to above and will help you peak your teams.   



High Performance Training III: Recovery

Recovery is one of the most important concepts in the periodization
model that many overlook.  After this video, you will be able to de-
tect under-recovery and design high performance recovery strategies.  







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