Psychological Skills Training Center

This page is video based and will assist wrestling athletes, parents, & coaches to pursue excellence.  Please click links to watch videos.

Unleash your power!

High Performance Training strategies for wrestling coaches.



Learn what a goal is and how to apply outcome, process, &
performance goals as apart of your psychological skills tool box.
With goals, consistently apply strategies to fortify your confidence.


What are you saying to yourself and why? What you say to yourself
matters and helps you perform at a high level.  Learn strategies to
enhance and control your inner thoughts, or, self-talk in this video.


The key to all psychological skills training is focus.  In this video,
learn how to master concepts to avoid distractions while at the
same time increase your ability to concentrate on your goals.


Do you ever wonder what the champions are consistently thinking 
about?  Thinking, is an advanced form of imagery.  Learn how to 
apply high performance imagery strategies that help you perform.

Energy Management

How you use your energy affects your readiness state or consistent
high performances during training and competitions.  Learn the stra-
tegies to apply optimal energy levels on demand.

Performance Planning

Performance Planning is the culmination of  Psychological Skills Train-
ing to be applied everyday in practice and at all competitions.  This 
plan will assist your long term athlete development for your career.




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