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Day 6 – Moving Day


#15 Sliders  (1-2, -3) @ #6 Dog Catchers (4-0, +21)

The Dog Catchers were looking to be the first team to hit the 4-0 mark the Sliders were hoping to secure an elimination game and keep the hopes of a bye alive.  The Sliders started this off with a two run first inning to announce their presence.  The Dog Catchers bounced right back with three of their own in the first and two in the second and one more in the third to hold a 6-2 lead after three complete.  The Sliders would count three in the fourth followed by 5 to reach the 10 run mark.  The Catchers would need nerves of steel to push in 3 runs in the 4th and 3 more critical runs in the 6th.  The Dog Catchers would win this game 12-10.  Congrats to Doris Casullo for the Sliders who stayed white hot for the playoffs going 3/3 with 2 runs.  On the Dog Catchers side of the ledger Dave Doucette has had a playoff rebirth, going 4/4 with 3 runs.     

#17 Hot Tub Woody's (0-3, -10) @ #1 Rusty Rebels (3-1, +9)

 The Hot Tub Woody's were getting to the "needing a win" stage of things and they had the first place Rusty Rebels to contend with.  The Woody's took the Saturday morning challenge by the horns and scored three in each of the first two innings to find themselves in a tie with the Rebels at 6's after two complete.  Much to 16 team's chagrin, the Rebels seemed to have shrugged off their championship malaise and found their hitting shoes in this one.  They would roll for 2 in the 3rd, seven in the 4th and five in the 5th and 5 more in the 6th.  The Woody's chipped out a few runs, but couldn't contend with the Rebels who earned a 20-10 victory.  Brian Richard was wrecking machine in the lead off spot for the Hot Tub Woody's going 4/4 with 4 runs.  Not to be outdone, Klingon ambassador Matt Frickin' Saunders was 5/5 with 4 runs for the Rusty Rebels! 

#16 Gruesome Devils (0-2-1, -6) @ #2 Sons Of Pitches (2-1-1, +2)

The Sons Of Pitches have been playing from behind and doing a good job of it all playoffs, The Gruesome Devils were just looking for some good fortune for a change.  SOP flipped the script by jumping out to an 8-2 lead after two innings and putting the Devils firmly on the ropes.  There was a lot of effort for the Devils but not a lot of results over the next two innings as they piled up the base runners but only plated 1 run thanks to the SOP's stellar defending and Sir Andrew Gee pitching.  But the Gruesome Defense also held and DeLand found his game, only giving up two runs over the final 5 innings!  And the Devils bats woke up.  1 in the third, 1 in the fifth, 1 in the sixth and a 5 run breakout in the 7th to fight all the way back to a 10-10 tie.  DeLand would coax three infield fly balls in the bottom of the 7th to seal the tie 10-10.  The Gruesome Devils were led by Dan Routledge's 4/4 with 3 runs including a home run; while the Sons of Pitches welcomed back the hot bat of Mark County who was 4/4 with 2 runs scored.     

#10 Tap Masters (2-1, +3) @ #8 Grisslies (0-3, -15)

 The Tap Masters looked to be rounding into form coming into this one and the Grisslies, to put it nicely, were reeling.  The TM's wasted little time scoring 7 in the first inning with only the lead off batter making an out.  The Grisslies showed some early promise of a good game by answering immediately with 5 of their own.  The game was 9-9 after three complete and had every indication of being the barn burner that everyone was hoping for.  However over the next three innings the Grisslies would count only a single run while the Tap Masters opened things up by plating 17 in that span.  The Tap Masters would run away with a 29-13 victory and enter the conversation of a bye to Sunday.  The Grisslies welcomed back Jason Candy who was 4/4, scored thrice and had two home runs.  The Tap Masters were bat masters in this one with several great hitting lines.  However Jeff Sagert had a crazy day going 5/5 with 5 runs scored! 

#13 Beer Bros. (2-1, 0) @ #5 Draft Kings (2-2, +3)

This was a game that both teams needed and wanted, but the Draft Kings had a little more "want" in this one.  The Beer Bros. had runners at 2nd and 3rd in the first with none out and one in and couldn't plate another run on the great pitching of Darryl Gaudet.  The Draft Kings had the bats out early and got a quick 7.  The Beer Bros. found the spark in the 2nd inning and got 6 of those back to make it a ball game.  But the Draft Kings bats were just too much on this afternoon and they ended up piling on 21 runs.  There were a few comeback opportunities but too many runners left on base for the Beer Bros and Draft Kings would win 21-13.  Danny Chiavaroli was stellar again, going 4/4/ with 3 runs for the Beer Bros.  The Draft Kings had a few 4/4's and 3/3's by Jimmy Rouleau's 3/3 with 3 runs was the dagger for the game. 

#12 Dodge City (0-4, -26) @ #3 Dusty Cleats (3-1, +16)

Dodge City needed a spark and a good start.  And they got it in this one, finding themselves tied at 5's after 2 innings.  A tie with the leagues 3rd highest ranked team should give some hope!  However, the hope would be fleeting and the Dusty Cleats looked every bit like the elite team everyone thought they were and the improved every games so far in the post season.  The Cleats scored in every inning of this game and didn't finish until they got to 20 runs.  Meanwhile they only gave up another three runs, making the final Dusty Cleats 20, Dodge City 8th.  Captain Keith Beechey led the way for Dodge City going 4/4 and scoring once.  Darrell Hager's performance for the Dusty Cleats can not be overlooked as he went 5/5 with 3 runs scored. 

#14 Inglorious Batsters (2-1, +3) @ #4 Master Batters (1-3, -12)

The list of people that expected these teams to come into this game with these records was short.  Shorter still were people who expected the result of this game.  The Master Batters' sluggish offense was looking to get on track, but it didn't happen early.  Joe Lovegrove would plate in the 1st and Derek Eldridge in the 3rd.  That being said they were locked at 2's after three innings with Batsters only seeing 3rd inning runs by Ryan Marshall and Dave Storms.  Both teams came up empty in the 4th empty before the Batsters took their first lead in the 5th with another two runs.  The Inglorious Batsters finished the game quite gloriously defensively.  It takes 21 outs to win a ball game and the Batsters only faced 30 batters for the entire game.  Nine over the minimum.  Offensively they would add three more runs in the 7th giving the Inglorious Batsters a 7-2 victory.   Scott Barton didn't just pitch well for the Batsters, he also was 3/4 at the plate with a run scored!  Joe Lovegrove and Derek Eldridge were both 2/3 with a runs scored for the Master Batters.   

#16 Gruesome Devils (0-3-1, -18) @ #11 Twisters (4-0, +15)

The Twisters were clearly not a mirage and the Devils were gasping for breath!  The teams started this game by trading 3 runs each in the 1st inning 0's in the 2nd inning and then both lit up the 3rd!  First Gruesome had 6 consecutive 2 out hits from hitters #6 through #11 in their order to wind up with seve runs on the inning.  The Twisters, suddenly down 10-3, answered back in their half of the 3rd by sending 9 men to the plate and getting 5 of those runs back.  As has happened so often in this post season, bats go from white hot to ice cold in no time flat.  The Devils would come up empty in the 4th, 5th and 6th innings, but the Twisters stayed on the gas scoring 2 to tie in the 4th.  Then 3 in both the 5th and 6th.  Two runs in the 7th were too little and too late for the Gruesome Devils as the Twisters would win this one 16-10.  Howie Young had a tidy day going 3/3 at the plate with a run scored for the Devils.  Captains Keogh and Smith were a combined 8/8 with 4 runs.   

#17 Hot Tub Woody's (0-4, -11) @ #10 Tap Masters (3-1, +4)


The Woody's were still breathing coming into this one but need a win and would also need some help on the plus / minus math.  The Tap Masters looked good for an elimination game but could possibly play their way into Sunday with a win and help from other teams. And the Hot Tub Woody's had enough of close games and close loses.  They came out in the first inning with their first 3 hitters reaching base and scoring. After an out, the next four batters reached and scored.  The Tap Masters would eke out a run in the bottom of the inning and the Woody's would find themselves with a 7-1 lead after one.  The Woody's would get two more in the 2nd and only give up 1 and stretch their lead to 9-2.  The Woody's would send 6 men to the plate but not score in the third and the Tap Masters started to roll getting 3 back in the home half of the inning.  9-5 after three.  The boys in grey were relentless, three in the 4th.  Two in the 5th.  Another five in the 6th and final inning.  The Champs matched the Woody's three in their fourth.  The got seven in the 5th and came into the bottom of the 6th trailing by 5.  Red and "For Those About To Rock", Bill Sallustio led off with singles.  Another hit by Scott Barton would plate a run and sac fly by Neil Botelho would score a second run.  Needing three more, Gary Basso, Jeff Sagert and Wayne Willcott would all reach and score, the final run coming on Tim Schrank's game winning hit for an 18-17 dramatic Tap Masters victory.  Chris Larkin was 4/4 with 2 runs, but you can't overlook Brian Richards who probably made only a single out over the entire round robin.  In this game he was 4/4 with 4 runs scored.  The Tap Masters had Captain Schrank at 4/4 with 2 runs and Wayne Willcott led the way with a 4/4 and 4 runs performance! 

#14 Inglorious Batsters (2-2, 0) @ #7 Bat Flippers (3-1, +16)



This was a game was not at all dissimilar from the one above.  The underdog Batsters opened with a 7 run first inning.  The didn't just get seven, they did it sending only 9 batters to the plate and no outs being recorded.  The Bat Flippers were a flat footed in the first and only got when back when Kevin Moon plated.  The Batsters would get one in the 2nd and two in the 3rd and held the Bat Flippers in check, allowing nothing in the 2nd and two in the 3rd.  after three complete it was 10-3 Inglorious Batsters.  And as we've seen repeatedly bats get cold.  Nothing for the Batsters in the 4th, one run by Will Goodin in the 5th, another by Chris "the Whale" Parsons in the 6th and one more by Dave Storms in the 7th.  The Bat Flippers, came up for the home half of the in a 14-14 tie and needing a single rune to win.  Cal Steeves would single but was erased on a double play.  Two out and nobody on and one more out away from extra innings with Ingo Bartens at the plate.  Ingo would single to keep the inning and game alive.  He was followed by Bill Clouthier who continued a masterful playoff tournament by singling behind Bartens.  Two on, two out and the top of the order up.  Kevin Boston goes YARD!  The rare walk off shot and the Bat Flippers prevail 17-14.  Ryan Marshall was 4/4 with a run scored in the lead off spot for the Inglorious Batsters, but Will Goodin gets honours with his 4/4 and 3 run afternoon.  Aside from Boston's heroics, Norm Tobin was 4/4 with 2 runs, 2nd year man Tom Rigatti was 4/4 with a run but it was Kevin Moon's 4/4 with 3 runs that won the day! 

#13 Beer Bros. (2-2, 0) @ #8 Grisslies (1-3, -14)



The Beer Bros. got pounded pretty good in their morning game.   The Grisslies didn't do much better in their game.  A seven run with from the Bros. kept the conversation of a bye alive. A seven run win by the Grisslies would keep the glimmer of light open for an elimination game.  So of course neither happened.  A quick 5 run first by the Bros. was just what the doctor ordered.  Nothing in the 2nd and then seven in the third had the Beer Bros. with a nice 12 spot after 3.  The Grisslies don't care too much for doctors apparently and they got 2 in the 1st, 1 in the 2nd and 5 in the 3rd.  12-8 for the Beer Bros after three complete.  Exactly what nobody wanted.  But wait it got closer.  14-13 Bros. after 4 inings.  17-14 bros after 5.  The last inning would be the 6th and it was established now that neither team could get their 7 run differential.  But there was a little pride left to play for and the Grisslies came into the home half of the 7th needing 3 to tie and 4 to win.  Two quick outs looked good for the Beer Bros and then Mike Candy singled.  Jason Candy Doubled.  Dell would score them both with his own double.  Steve Brooks was walked to create a force play and Brad Smith came to the plate and delivered the game winning single.  The Grisslies earned to hard fought 18-17 win.  The Beer Bros. were led by Dwayne "Boneyard" Comer who was a sweet 4/4 with 2 runs.  And Jason Jack was 4/4 with three runs plated.  Jason Candy and Steve Brooks were 4/4 with 3 runs scored, but Mike Candy had a stellar afternoon with a 4/4 with 4 runs!   

#15 Sliders (1-2, -3) @ #9 Hurtin' Units (1-2, -8)



The last round robin game on the docket featured two teams with everything to play for!   The Slider came out ready to play in this game and sent eight batters to the plate in the first inning and scored 3 runs.  The Hurtin' Units would not be deterred and rebounded with three of their own.  After a silent 2nd inning for both squads.  The Slider were back on the bats in the third sending nine men up and scoring four.  The Units were 3 up, 3 down and the score after 3 complete was 7-3.  A 3 up 3 down 4th for the Sliders and a 2 run 4th for the Units narrowed the gap to 7-5.  Over the final two innings the Sliders would count 9 total runs while the Units would only be able to run up 6.  The final for this one 16-11 for the Sliders.  Albert Peddle showed up with hitting shoes for the Hurtin' Units, going 4/4 with 2 runs scored.  Marty Mussell was 3/3 with the Sliders, Mark Mumma was 4/4 as was Roger Gaudet.  But the line of the day was Captain Dennis Short who was 4/4 with 4 runs scored! 




1.  Dog Catchers, 4-0 +21 (Automatic Berth to Quarter Final)

2.  Twisters, 4-0 +17 (Automatic Berth to Quarter Final)

3.  Bat Flippers, 3-1 +16 (Automatic Berth to Quarter Final)

4.  Dusty Cleats, 3-1 +16 (Automatic Berth to Quarter Final)

5.  Rusty Rebels, 3-1 +9 (Elimination Game)

6.  Tap Masters, 3-1 +4 (Elimination Game)

7.  Sons Of Pitches, 2-1-1 +3 (Elimination Game)

8.  Draft Kings, 2-2 +3 (Elimination Game)

9.  Sliders, 2-2 +2 (Elimination Game)

10. Inglorious Batsters, 2-2 +0 (Elimination Game)

11. Beer Bros., 2-2 -1 (Elimination Game)

12. Master Batters, 1-3 -12 (Elimination Game)

13. Hurtin' Units, 1-3 -13 (Eliminated)

14. Grisslies, 1-3 -16 (Eliminated)

15. Gruesome Devils, 0-3-1, -12 (Eliminated)

16. Hot Tub Woody's, 0-4, -11 (Eliminated)

17. Dodge City, 0-4, 26 (Eliminated)