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Day 9 – Semi Finals


Remaining in the tournament at the #2 Sons of Pitches (4-1-1, +12), #3 Dusty Cleats (4-1, +17), #6 Dog Catchers (5-0, +28), and #13 Beer Bros. (4-2, +3).   


#3 Dusty Cleats. (4-2, +16) @ #6 Dog Catchers (6-0, +29)

Both teams are on incredible roles at this point and finding great ways to win ball games.  This was shaping up to be an epic game!  From this side of the bracket, both remaining teams had a bye to the quarter finals. 

The Dusty Cleats lost their opener to the Dog Catchers, before beating the Sliders, Hurtin' Units and Dodge City.  Finishing 3-1, they ended up with an automatic trip to the finals where they beat the #1 team in the league, the Rusty Rebels to earn their right to the Semi Finals.

The Dog Catchers have knocked off the Cleats in the only game that they weren't the favourite.  After that they disposed of the Hurtin' Units, Dodge City and Sliders on their way to 4-0 and top spot overall after the round robin.  In the Quarters they subdued the hot Draft Kings to get their ticket to the Semis.

This game would open with the Dusty Cleats having Jamie Allen and Cam Clark plate runs in the opening inning who were quickly followed by Skip and Brad Wadden scoring for the Dog Catchers.  A 3 up 3 down 2nd for the Cleats and one run on a Dave Doucette run producing single, scoring Greg Tracy let everyone know that this would be a close game played close to the vest.  The Cleats would count 3 in the third on runs by Muto, Quarter Finals hero O'Leary and Moye.  That was followed by the Catchers biggest inning of the night, when they sent 10 men to the plate and scored 6 runs to lead 9-5 after 3 complete.  The Cleats went quickly and quietly in the fourth but righted themselves defensively and allowed nothing in the home half of the inning.  The Cleats rediscovered their grove in the 5th with lead off hitter Vince Basacchi singling and scoring.  After Joe Muto would score his second run as would O'Leary with Moye and Hager producing key RBI singles. In the Dog Catchers half of the 6th Les Vajda and Allen Ellerby would lead off with back to back triples and both would score.  After 5 complete it was 11-8 for the Dog Catchers.  Desperately needing runs in the 6th inning Cam Clark would single and Rick Cudnik would double and both would score.  The Cleats would only trail by 1 heading to the Dog Catchers half of the 6th inning.  The Dog Catchers would be shutdown, 3 up and 3 down and give the Cleats an opportunity heading to the visitors half the 7th inning.  The Dog Catchers were money on this night and didn't allow a single base runner in the 7th and the Dog Catchers would win a spirited well played game 11-10. 

On a night where offence was at a premium, you have to admire Joe Muto and Charlie O'Leary going 2/3 with two runs scored for the Dusty Cleats.  Well done boys!  For the Dog Catchers Skippy and Les Vajda were both 3/3 with 2 runs.  Great night fellas!   

#13 Beer Bros (4-3, +0) @ #2 Sons Of Pitches (5-1-1, +15)

Completely opposite scenario on this side of the bracket, were the Beer Bros and Sons of Pitches both had to take the long way through. 

The Beer Bros. started the round robin with a fun but nerve wracking 23-22 win over the Gruesome Devils in their only home game.  That was followed by a win over Sons Of Pitches, a loss to the Draft Kings (Never bet Chuck a beer on a game) and 1 run loss to the Grisslies.  The 2-2 record was good enough to hang onto 11th place overall in the round robin.  That earned an elimination game against the Tap Masters which the Beer Bros. won by a single run.  In the Quarter Finals the Bros defeated the Bat Flippers by 3 to find their way to the Semi Finals. 

The Sons of Pitches knocked off the Draft Kings in their opening game and then took care of the Grisslies in their second match.  After dropping a close one to the Beer bros., they ran into the Gruesome Devil who played them tooth and nail and earned a tie. With a 2-1-1 record after the round robin, the Sons of Pitches were also forced to have to play the elimination game.  In their elimination game they ran into the defensive minded Inglorious Batsters.  That was a whale of a game with SOP prevailing and then going on to play undefeated Twisters in the Quarters.  The Sons Of Pitches would come from behind in the fourth inning to play their way into the Semi Finals. 

This game started out of character for the Beer Bros. as they had been scoring more than 4 runs on average in the first inning.  In this game they got a single run on a Danny Chiavaroli home run.  The Sons of pitches ran 8 batters to the plate in their half of the inning but left the bases loaded and only scored 2 runs.  The Beer Bros. had dodged a bullet but couldn't capitalize as they grounded to County at short, grounded to Andy Gee and then flied out to Gee. The bottom of 2 was a breakout for the Sons and a disaster for the Bros.  Singles by Alex Stepanoff, Dave Polny, a walk to Chris Nesich, and ANOTHER walk and a triple to County created a mess. There was finally an out before Emeil Edwards and Jimmy Vincent singled.  When the dust had finally cleared the Sons Of Pitches had scored 6 and led 8-1 after only two innings.  While the Sons were riding their high, they would only score three more runs for the rest of the game. But the Beer Bros. had a heck of a lot of work to do.  And they tried.  But the 3rd inning was another disappointment for the Beer Bros. going 3 up and 3 down and they remained stuck at a single run.  Then the fourth inning happened and it was good AND bad.  The Beer Bros would plate 4 runs to get back in the game with Tucker, Dwyer, Chiavaroli and Jack scoring, but stalwart rookie 2nd baseman Greg Senay pulled a groin on a single to 1st.  Things got better and worse for the Bros in the 5th inning when they scored two more runs by lost Al Lacey (who had been hitting over .700 for the post season) in an unintentional collision at second base where he dislocated his elbow and broke his arm..  Undermanned, the Beer Bros tried to keep it close and clawed out another run the sixth to draw within 3 at 11-8.  The Sons Of Pitches went quickly in the home half of the 6th with a fly to right, a brilliant line drive catch at 3rd by Paul Benjamin and a line shot to LCF to Jason Jack.  It was the Beer Bros. last kick at the can in the top of 7 needing 3 to force the Sons of Pitches to hit in the bottom of the inning. Dwayne Comer hit a single and then the next batter hit into a 6 (unassisted) 3 double play.  The last hitter lined out to the REAL Richard (Roger) Lyon in left field to give the Sons of Pitches a hard fought and well earned 11-8 victory!  The Beer Bros had some interesting stat lines, but I'm going to focus on the two injured players. Alan Lacey was 1/1 and his bat was missed.  And Greg Senay, batting on one leg was 2/3 with a run scored.  For the Sons of Pitches, Gee, County, Pendlebury and Edwards are daunting for any pitcher to deal with.  But they can't win by themselves and they all had good nights.  But you have to respect Dave Polny's 3/4 with 2 runs scored and Jimmy Vincent's 4/4.  Great night and great game!

See you all tomorrow at the finals!