2020 Captain's Application


Tottenham Oldtimers Captain Application


The mandate of The Tottenham Oldtimers Slo-Pitch League is to provide recreational baseball in a manner that promotes the ideals of sportsmanship and friendship while minimizing the potential for injury.


A formal request is being made by __________________  and _________________ to be accepted as Captains in the Tottenham Oldtimers Slo-Pitch League


please use the sections below aT YOUR DISCRETION to provide information that will support your candidacy. EXAMPLES OF activities that captains are commonly involved with are listed for reference, BUT are intended to be examples. please alter or include whatever pertinent information in whatever format you wish.


this information is particularly helpful to the executive board for applicants with limited years of experience in the league. the executive board, made up of a representative from each team and the elected executive, will review all current applicants when positons(s) are available and choose new captains as documented in section 13 of our constitution, as adopted at the agm in 2019.


Captains Name

Captains Name


Executive Meetings attendance


AGM attendance


HTKP Tournaments volunteer/participant


August Tournaments v/p


Playoff Tournaments v/p


Volunteer on Committees


Participate in Draft Day Events


Participate in Rookie Night


Rate your baseball knowledge out of 10


Rate your knowledge of the current operation of the league out of 10


Rate your knowledge of the history of the league out of 10




Please add any other notes that you think will being useful in helping us reach the best decision possible for our league (feel free to attach additional sheets if required):








 Download a printable copy here:

Captain's Application