Westfield Baseball League Late Fee Policy

Getting most of our Spring players registered by the deadline is crucial in allowing WBL Board members to prepare for the upcoming Spring season. Many tasks need to be performed in order to organize a Town Baseball League with over 900 members.

  • properly compile and sort out all the special requests made during registration
  • roster or draft teams for grades K-4
  • hold tryouts and subsequent drafts for the older players (grades 5-10);
  • recruit coaches
  • recruit team and banner sponsors and assign those sponsors to teams
  • compile game and field schedules
  • order, receive and distribute uniforms
  • set practice schedules
  • and the like.

The WBL relies on parents taking the responsibility to register their children in a timely manner, so we can complete all of the above tasks before the season starts.

A late fee of $50.00 will be in effect after the posted Spring Season registration deadline.