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<B><font color=green> *2006 12u Batesville Angels*</font><font color=blue> *Second Place in the Dizzy Dean State and World Series*</B></font>They are seated l to r 
Bradi Beard, Katelyn Still, Madison Taylor, Mikki Whitworth. Standing l to 
r Victoria Johnson, Lindsey Striplin, Lacey Dubravec, Taylor Sheley, Maryn 
McGee, Cricket Turnage(mascot/head chearleader), Meri Morgan Fortune, Jordan 
Pointer and Brooke Henson. Not pictured are the coaches. Head coach Derek 
Dubravec, assistant coaches Cynthia Still, JoJo Still and Bill McGee.
<b><font color=red>   7 year old *2006  Dizzy Dean State Champions*</B></Font>First row:  Turner Rotenberry, John Steven Hall, Sam Corley, Russ Lewis, Kyle Weaver and Jackson Sims

Second row:  Cole Rotenberry, Jackson Burnham, Landon Zizzman, Levi Lipscomb, Will Kidder and Chandler Williams

Third Row Coaches: Chad Weaver, Cooper Lewis, Hays Lipscomb and Mark Williams
<b> Batesville Bullets</b>

*2nd place 2006 (6u) Dizzy Dean State Tournament*

2nd place 2006 (6u) Dizzy Dean World Series
<b>BATESVILLE XPLOSION</b>*<font color=blue>2006(16u)Dizzy Dean State Champions*</font>Front row L-R:Tamara Townsend,Kensi Reed,Sally Burdette,Sabrina Townsend,Lara Long.Back Row L-R:Courtney Gordon,Hillary Plummer,Amanda Hudson,Emily Snider,Kayla Roden,Robin Grace.Coach's:Terry Snider(HC),Charles Walton(AC),Mike Long(AC)..Not Pictured:Haley Walton
<B>Batesville Xplosion</B><font color=red>*2006 Dizzy Dean World Series Champions*</font>Team Players(L-R):Hillary Plummer,Haley Walton,Robin Grace,Kensi Reed,Lara Long,Emily Snider,Sabrina Townsend,Courtney Gordon,Kayla Roden,Amanda Hudson,Tamara Townsend.Not pictured-Sally Burdett.Coaches:Charles Walton-assistant,Terry Snider-Head Coach,Mike Long-assistant.<font color=blue>World Series All Tournament Team:</font>Emily Snider(MVP),Amanda Hudson, and Lara Long
*2006 Dizzy Dean World Series MVP*
<b> BATESVILLE BLAZE</b><font color=blue>*2nd Place (8u)2006 World Series*</font>Team Members are Front Row(L-R):Hannah Moore,Nicole Fullilove,Parker Caine,Laken McGee,Kaylan Myers,Anna Loyd,Jessica Simmerman,Catherine Rich,Emily Appleton,Kaylen Ware,Kaylan Aven.Coaches are Back Row (L-R):David Aven,Jason Ware,Terry Myers,Geri Lamm(Head Coach)
<b><font color=blue>Batesville Six Year Old All-Stars</font><font color=red>*3rd place in Dizzy Dean State Tournament*</font></b>Team members:Anderson Wilder,Cole Devazier,Blaine Ware,Gerhig Griffin,Harris Cole,Luke Daniels,Peyton Neal,Jack Evans,Kaleb Joyner,Reid Rushing,and Jaylin Archey. Coaches:Chris Ware,Jay Evans,Kevin Davis,& Daryl Neal.