Peoria Sports Complex, Arizona

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(L-R)Tim Cunningham,Adam Froloff,Jonathan Satkowski,Nick Logothetis,Matt Small,Bobby Spindler,Willie Berman,Vinny DelGiudice, Orlando Oliveras,Brian Taupier, Coach Orlando Oliveras arrive at Peoria Stadium in Arizona
(L-R) Adam, Vinny, Jonathan, Nick, Bobby, Tim, Willie, and Orlando having a 6:00 a.m. breakfast before a 7:00 a.m. game.
Chancey, Lisa, & Brittany arrive at Peoria Stadium.
Ginny Spindler's pet bunny, whose name is "Bunny", waits patiently at home while the team is away.
Bobby and Tim enjoying the cold water in the 105 degree heat.
Coach Lou Del Giudice is upset that someone drank his water and didn't leave him any!
The boys relaxing after their 1st win on the tournament.
Chancey looks like she's enjoying the win as well as the boys.
(L-R) Our most loyal fans, who braved the heat of Arizona: Orrie, Jim, Shari, Ginny, Celine, Linda, Chancey, Kevin, Claudia, and Mary Beth. "You're The Best!"
Alex and Shari Rosenberg after his walk off triple that allowed us to win the 1st game.
Some of the many cactus growing in Arizona.
Entering Sedona, Az. and the magnificent rock formations.
Shari, Ginny, Celine, Chancey, and Claudia in front of a very BIG cactus.
Ginny and Chancey in front of a Sedona rock formation.
Jonathan, Brian, Tim, Bobby, Alex, Vinny, and Orlando all await the Hooter's girl.
Matt, Adam, Orrie, Matt, and Nick patiently await the Hooter girl. (What's taking her so long?)
And here she is! Look at all those smiling faces!
The team posed outside of the Peoria, Az. Hooters for a picture. Watch your hand, Willie!
The boys take time out for a game of water volleyball at the hotel pool. (where the water was about 92 degrees. Just the way Coach Spindler likes it).
Having a good time on the lake.
Mountains of hundreds of cactus surround Lake Pleasant.
Celine with her son, Kevin.
Claudia enjoying the sun.
Hey Coach Lou! I love it when you take your shirt off!!
Just relaxing on the Lake before our game vs. Houston Heat.
Linda, Orlando, Orlando, Claudia, and Bernie enjoying the evening on the water.  Hey Coach O...I love it when you wave to me!!!
Celine, Tim, and Kevin.
Sitting in the boat and looking at this view, reminds me of a postcard.
Mary Beth and Jonathan.
Orrie and Jim
The entire team took a dip in Lake Pleasant. No one wanted to wear life vests, but coach made them.
Vinny and Louie
Willie and Nick (smile guys)
Enough already with the pictures, dad!
The entrance to Bank One Ballpark, where the Arizona Diamondbacks play.
(L-R)Jonathan, Kevin, Tim, Matt & Celine gaze onto the field. Kevin must be amazed, his mouth is open!
Tim, Matt, Kevin, Jonathan, Matt & Bobby in the Diamondbacks dugout.
Tim, Matt, Jonathan, Matt, Kevin, & Bobby want a better look at the field from the top of the dugout steps.
Bobby, Matt & Tim just strolling the field at Bank One.
Jonathan and his mom, Mary Beth on the field.
Tim, Matt, Jonathan, Bobby, & Matt stand in front of professional lockers in the visitors locker room. Rumor has it, that Derek Jeter used the locker that Jonathan is standing in front of. Hey, you never know.
Bobby, his mom Ginny, and Coach Spindler on the field at Bank One.
Hey Russ, What's Up?!
Bobby at the centerfield cafe, with the "infamous" swimming pool in the background.
Matt 2B, and Bobby SS.  The Bulldogs middle infielders.