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Age  13/14
All Around: Nick Spaienza
Pitching(TIE): Nick Sapienza, Connor Wahl
Hitting:Connor Wahl
Running: Nick Sapienza
Age 7/8
All Around: Cody Quick
Pitching(TIE): Cody Quick; Ian Goodness
Hitting: Brennan Pipitone
Running: Ian Goodness
Age 9/10
All-Around : Paul Goodness
Pitching:Paul Goodness
Hitting: Noah Brooks
Running: Paul Goodness
Age 11/12
All Around: Sawyer Herbst
Pitching(TIE): Dan Hooper, Sawyer Herbst
Hitting: Anthony Rampulla
Running: Michael Desain

*Emma Brooks took all categories at the Girl Division Age 11/12