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2012 Team and Game pics

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Photo's provided by Ben Hanson and Drusilla Roessle.

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Coaches, Ice Storm and Montreal players, Stormy, Storm Cheer and the referee's show support for Jeff Miller prior to the game.
Paul Barclay, Governor Shumlin and Dan Lawson.
Governor Shumlin with Ice Storm defensive coordinator Chris Allen.
Governor Shumlin giving thumbs-up with Stormy.
Governor Shumlin surrounded by the Storm Cheer Team.
The Governor with Jeff Grant and Linda Salmon.  Jeff is the teams Ball Boy on the sideline and Linda is Head of Game Day Operations.
The Governor with Linda Salmon, Keisha Aikey, Ethan Cameron-Vaupel, Corey Farnsworth, and Nick Salmon.  All are part of the game day operation staff.