Player Profile

  • Katie Husak

  • Non Power Hitting 1B

  • The BrOOZERS first met Katie in an email attachment (Excel document to be exact) listing the people interested in joining the Mississauga Coed 3 Pitch league in the spring of 2014. The Husaks, Katie and Sarah's names shone bold on the screen.

    Sisters, possibly twins, could be ours. There was only one thing to do...


    There she was. Standing there in a photo wearing a Pittsburgh Penguin jersey. Hockey and drinking fan, check. Lover of animals, check. She hated Ken from the moment she saw him, check. There was no way this angry little ginger could be anything but good for the BrOOZERS.

    Two thousand and Fourteen was a little learning curve; but Katie came out of the spring swinging a hot bat. Driving the ball to the outfield, being on base more often than not. Helping Kristy do nasty things to some dirty German shiza that no one will speak about. Katie is here to stay!!

    ps. Not twins. But we still love them.


2019/8/13 Blue Jays .00010000000000.000.000.000
2019/7/30 Bat and Boujee .40015522000102.400.400.800
2019/7/30 Eagles .33313301000101.333.333.667
2019/7/23 Taters .50015402000212.400.500.900
2019/7/23 Blue Jays .25014401000001.250.250.500
2019/7/16 Taters .00014400000100.000.000.000
2019/7/16 Ezee Sliderzz .25014411000001.250.250.500
2019/7/9 Ezee Sliderzz .20015511000101.200.200.400
2019/7/9 Draft Dodgers .25014411000101.250.250.500
2019/7/2 Eagles .83316645000105.833.8331.667
2019/6/25 Blue Jays .75014413100504.7501.0001.750
2019/6/23 Blue Jays .33313301100002.333.6671.000
2019/6/18 Taters .60015513010305.6001.0001.600
2019/6/18 Ezee Sliderzz .66713302000102.667.6671.333
2019/6/11 Direct Hit .25014401000101.250.250.500
2019/6/9 Bat and Boujee .25014401000001.250.250.500
2019/6/9 Bat and Boujee .50014402000102.500.5001.000
2019/6/4 Bat and Boujee .40015522100203.400.6001.000
2019/6/4 Eagles .50014402100103.500.7501.250
2019/5/28 Draft Dodgers .50014422000002.500.5001.000
2019/5/26 Direct Hit .50014402000002.500.5001.000
2019/5/26 Direct Hit .50012211000001.500.5001.000
2019/5/21 Direct Hit .75014423200305.7501.2502.000
2019/5/7 Eagles .40015522200204.400.8001.200
Total .436249594204181027151.432.543.974


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