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  • Rich Allen

  • Outfield

  • After his rookie season, Richard showed some positive improvements to his game. The coaching staff was excited to see what an off season of training would provide them in the 2016 season.

    Through the first 4 games of the season, Richard is on his way to not being the season MVP. Although his hitting looks to have improved (unless by fluke) his fielding looks like it has degraded. The last few games has provided BSN (Broozer sports network) with a highlight real of failures in the outfield.

    - Missed balls
    - Burned by a girl
    - Ugly slides

    Management hopes that Richard can move to improve his fielding. As sad as this may be the coaching staff may need to switch Chris Mark and Richard Allen on the corners.


2019/7/30 Bat and Boujee .60015523000103.600.6001.200
2019/7/30 Eagles 1.000144340114091.0002.2503.250
2019/7/16 Taters .75014403000003.750.7501.500
2019/7/16 Ezee Sliderzz .25014411001404.2501.0001.250
2019/7/9 Ezee Sliderzz .60015533002409.6001.8002.400
2019/7/9 Draft Dodgers 1.0001444400380131.0003.2504.250
2019/6/25 Blue Jays .75014433001306.7501.5002.250
2019/6/23 Blue Jays .66713312001105.6671.6672.333
2019/6/9 Bat and Boujee .50014422001305.5001.2501.750
2019/6/9 Bat and Boujee .75014413001206.7501.5002.250
2019/6/4 Bat and Boujee .80015534100305.8001.0001.800
2019/6/4 Eagles .75014413100004.7501.0001.750
2019/5/28 Draft Dodgers .75014423000203.750.7501.500
2019/5/26 Direct Hit .50014412100003.500.7501.250
2019/5/26 Direct Hit 1.000122121001031.0001.5002.500
2019/5/7 Eagles .60015503000103.600.6001.200
Total .6921665652845411137084.6921.2921.985


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