Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Thu4/25/20196:45 pm TBPN/RNomads  Bombers   Marvin
Thu4/25/20198:10 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Aces   Marvin
Thu4/25/20199:35 pm TBPN/RHackers  Misfits   Marvin
Thu5/2/20196:45 pm TBPN/RAces  Nomads   Marvin
Thu5/2/20198:10 pm TBPN/RBombers  Misfits   Marvin
Thu5/2/20199:35 pm TBPN/RHackers  Steamrollers   Marvin
Thu5/9/20196:45 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Steamrollers   Rotary
Thu5/9/20198:10 pm TBPN/RNomads  Hackers   Rotary
Thu5/9/20199:35 pm TBPN/RAces  Bombers   Rotary
Thu5/16/20196:45 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Bombers   Marvin
Thu5/16/20198:10 pm TBPN/RHackers  Aces   Marvin
Thu5/16/20199:35 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Nomads   Marvin
Thu5/23/20196:45 pm TBPN/RBombers  Hackers   Rotary
Thu5/23/20198:10 pm TBPN/RAces  Misfits   Rotary
Thu5/23/20199:35 pm TBPN/RNomads  Steamrollers   Rotary
Thu5/30/20196:45 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Hackers   Marvin
Thu5/30/20198:10 pm TBPN/RBombers  Nomads   Marvin
Thu5/30/20199:35 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Aces   Marvin
Thu6/6/20196:45 pm TBPN/RHackers  Steamrollers   Rotary
Thu6/6/20198:10 pm TBPN/RNomads  Aces   Rotary
Thu6/6/20199:35 pm TBPN/RBombers  Misfits   Rotary
Thu6/13/20196:45 pm TBPN/RBombers  Aces   Marvin
Thu6/13/20198:10 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Misfits   Marvin
Thu6/13/20199:35 pm TBPN/RHackers  Nomads   Marvin
Thu6/27/20196:45 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Nomads   Marvin
Thu6/27/20198:10 pm TBPN/RHackers  Bombers   Marvin
Thu6/27/20199:35 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Aces   Marvin
Thu7/11/20196:45 pm TBPN/RAces  Steamrollers   Marvin
Thu7/11/20198:10 pm TBPN/RHackers  Misfits   Marvin
Thu7/11/20199:35 pm TBPN/RNomads  Bombers   Marvin
Thu7/18/20196:45 pm TBPN/RHackers  Nomads   Rotary
Thu7/18/20198:10 pm TBPN/RAces  Bombers   Rotary
Thu7/18/20199:35 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Misfits   Rotary
Thu7/25/20196:45 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Bombers   Marvin
Thu7/25/20198:10 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Hackers   Marvin
Thu7/25/20199:35 pm TBPN/RAces  Nomads   Marvin
Thu8/1/20196:45 pm TBPN/RBombers  Aces   Marvin
Thu8/1/20198:10 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Steamrollers   Marvin
Thu8/1/20199:35 pm TBPN/RNomads  Hackers   Marvin
Thu8/8/20196:45 pm TBPN/RAces  Misfits   Marvin
Thu8/8/20198:10 pm TBPN/RNomads  Steamrollers   Marvin
Thu8/8/20199:35 pm TBPN/RBombers  Hackers   Marvin
Thu8/15/20196:45 pm TBPN/RHackers  Aces   Marvin
Thu8/15/20198:10 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Nomads   Marvin
Thu8/15/20199:35 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Bombers   Marvin
Thu8/22/20196:45 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Nomads   Marvin
Thu8/22/20198:10 pm TBPN/RHackers  Bombers   Marvin
Thu8/22/20199:35 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Aces   Marvin
Thu8/29/20196:45 pm TBPN/RNomads  Misfits   Marvin
Thu8/29/20198:10 pm TBPN/RAces  Hackers   Marvin
Thu8/29/20199:35 pm TBPN/RBombers  Steamrollers   Marvin
Thu9/5/20196:45 pm TBPN/RAces  Bombers   Marvin
Thu9/5/20198:10 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Steamrollers   Marvin
Thu9/5/20199:35 pm TBPN/RNomads  Hackers   Marvin
Thu9/12/20196:45 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Hackers   Marvin
Thu9/12/20198:10 pm TBPN/RAces  Nomads   Marvin
Thu9/12/20199:35 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Bombers   Marvin
Thu9/19/20196:45 pm TBPN/RMisfits  Hackers   Marvin
Thu9/19/20198:10 pm TBPN/RBombers  Nomads   Marvin
Thu9/19/20199:35 pm TBPN/RSteamrollers  Aces   Marvin
Thu10/3/20196:45 pm TBPN/RNomads  Misfits   Rotary
Thu10/3/20198:10 pm TBPN/RBombers  Steamrollers   Rotary
Thu10/3/20199:35 pm TBPN/RAces  Hackers   Rotary

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