Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sun6/19/200512:00 pm F 3-1 Leary's Kork & Keg  Superfans   Levy Park
Sun6/19/20051:00 pm F 0-10 Mericle Real Estate  Leary's Kork & Keg   Levy Park
Sun6/19/20052:00 pm F 3-2 Flying Dragons  Mericle Real Estate   Levy Park
Sun6/19/20053:00 pm F 9-4 Jagerbombs  Flying Dragons   Levy Park
Sun6/19/20055:00 pm F 1-2 Pittston Park Boys  Rynk's Sports Bar   Levy Park
Sun6/19/20057:00 pm F 3-0 Pittston Park Boys  Bunch O' Swingers   Levy Park
Sun6/26/20052:00 pm F 6-16 Bunch O' Swingers  Rynk's Sports Bar   Levy Park
Sun7/3/20051:00 pm F 0-12 Flying Dragons  Pittston Park Boys   Levy Park
Sun7/3/20054:00 pm FFT 0-1 Rynk's Sports Bar  Leary's Kork & Keg   Levy Park
Sun7/10/20051:00 pm F 0-10 Jagerbombs  Superfans   Levy Park
Sun7/10/20052:00 pm F 2-9 Superfans  Bunch O' Swingers   Levy Park
Sun7/10/20054:00 pm F 2-4 Rynk's Sports Bar  Mericle Real Estate   Levy Park
Sun7/10/20056:00 pm F 1-2 Leary's Kork & Keg  Flying Dragons   Levy Park
Sun7/10/20057:00 pm F 10-2 Flying Dragons  Losers Sometimes Win   Levy Park
Sun7/17/200512:00 pm F 11-0 Pittston Park Boys  Mericle Real Estate   Levy Park
Sun7/17/20051:00 pm F 6-7 Flying Dragons  Superfans   Levy Park
Sun7/17/20052:00 pm F 3-4 Flying Dragons  Bunch O' Swingers   Levy Park
Sun7/24/20051:00 pm F 32-3 Leary's Kork & Keg  Losers Sometimes Win   Levy Park
Sun7/24/20053:00 pm F 1-15 Superfans  Mericle Real Estate   Levy Park
Sun7/24/20054:00 pm F 0-10 Superfans  Pittston Park Boys   Levy Park
Sun7/24/20055:00 pm F 7-0 Rynk's Sports Bar  Jagerbombs   Levy Park
Sun7/31/20051:00 pm F 11-9 Leary's Kork & Keg  Bunch O' Swingers   Levy Park
Sun7/31/20052:00 pm F 0-3 Leary's Kork & Keg  Pittston Park Boys   Levy Park
Sun8/7/20052:00 pm F 7-18 Pizza Bella  Flying Dragons   Levy Park
Sun8/7/20053:00 pm F 3-13 Flying Dragons  Leary's Kork & Keg   Levy Park
Sun8/7/20054:00 pm FFT 1-0 Leary's Kork & Keg  Jagerbombs   Levy Park
Sun8/7/20056:00 pm F 11-4 Rynk's Sports Bar  Superfans   Levy Park
Sun8/21/200512:00 pm FFT 0-1 Rynk's Sports Bar  Pittston Park Boys   Levy Park
Sun8/28/20051:00 pm F 22-7 Superfans  Pizza Bella   Levy Park
Sun8/28/20052:00 pm F 13-14 Superfans  Leary's Kork & Keg   Levy Park
Sun8/28/20054:00 pm F 2-12 Losers Sometimes Win  Rynk's Sports Bar   Levy Park
Sun8/28/20055:00 pm F 3-1 Pittston Park Boys  Flying Dragons   Levy Park
Sun9/4/20051:00 pm FFT 0-1 Rynk's Sports Bar  Pizza Bella   Levy Park
Sun9/4/20052:00 pm FFT 1-0 Superfans  Rynk's Sports Bar   Levy Park
Sun9/11/200512:00 pm FFT 1-0 Flying Dragons  Rynk's Sports Bar   Levy Park
Sun9/11/20054:00 pm F 12-0 Pittston Park Boys  Leary's Kork & Keg   Levy Park
Sun9/11/20057:00 pm FFT 1-0 Losers Sometimes Win  Superfans   Levy Park
Sun9/18/200512:00 pm FFT 0-1 Superfans  Flying Dragons   Levy Park
Sun9/18/20054:00 pm FFT 1-0 Pittston Park Boys  Jagerbombs   Levy Park
Sun9/18/20055:00 pm FFT 1-0 Leary's Kork & Keg  Rynk's Sports Bar   Levy Park
Sun9/18/20056:00 pm F 8-1 Pittston Park Boys  Losers Sometimes Win   Levy Park
Sun9/25/200512:00 pm FFT 1-0 Pittston Park Boys  Superfans   Levy Park
Sun9/25/20051:00 pm FFT 0-1 Pizza Bella  Pittston Park Boys   Levy Park
Sun9/25/20052:00 pm CAN 0-0 Leary's Kork & Keg  Pizza Bella   Levy Park
Sun9/25/20056:00 pm FFT 0-1 Rynk's Sports Bar  Flying Dragons   Levy Park

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Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)   Note: Select a team above to show W/L/T status
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported