Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Mon4/1/20196:15 pm F 10-13 South Davidson  Fair Grove Morgan   Fair Grove Elemetary
Mon4/1/20197:15 pm F 0-21 Pilot Talent Force  Fair Grove Knox   Fair Grove Elemetary
Tue4/2/20196:15 pm PPDN/RFriendship Cline  Fair Grove Knox   Friendship
Tue4/2/20196:15 pm F 18-3 Fair Grove Lambeth  Brier Creek   Pilot
Tue4/2/20197:15 pm PPDN/RFriendship Chase  Hasty Rays   Friendship
Tue4/2/20197:15 pm F 18-9 Hasty Braves  Pilot Braves   Pilot
Thu4/4/20196:15 pm F 0-18 Friendship Cline  Fair Grove Knox   Friendship
Thu4/4/20196:15 pm F 8-14 Brier Creek  Hasty Braves   Hasty
Thu4/4/20197:15 pm F 23-0 Friendship Chase  Hasty Rays   Friendship
Thu4/4/20197:15 pm F 21-1 Fair Grove Lambeth  Pilot Talent Force   Hasty
Tue4/9/20196:15 am PPDN/RSouth Davidson  Pilot Braves   Fair Grove
Tue4/9/20196:15 pm PPDN/RHasty Rays  Friendship Cline   Friendship
Tue4/9/20197:15 pm PPDN/RBrier Creek  Fair Grove Morgan   Fair Grove
Tue4/9/20197:15 pm PPDN/RFair Grove Lambeth  Friendship Chase   Friendship
Wed4/10/20196:15 pm TBPN/RPilot Talent Force  Hasty Braves   Bombay
Wed4/10/20197:15 pm F 15-5 Fair Grove Knox  South Davidson   Bombay
Thu4/11/20196:15 am F 21-4 South Davidson  Pilot Braves   Pilot
Thu4/11/20197:15 pm F 6-21 Brier Creek  Fair Grove Morgan   Pilot
Fri4/12/20196:15 pm PPDN/RFair Grove Lambeth  Friendship Cline   Hasty
Fri4/12/20197:15 pm PPDN/RHasty Rays  Brier Creek   Hasty
Mon4/15/20196:15 pm F 24-6 Fair Grove Knox  Brier Creek   Fair Grove
Mon4/15/20196:15 pm F 27-4 Fair Grove Morgan  Hasty Rays   Pilot
Mon4/15/20197:15 pm F 0-21 Pilot Talent Force  Friendship Chase   Fair Grove
Mon4/15/20197:15 pm F 19-7 Pilot Braves  Friendship Cline   Pilot
Tue4/16/20196:15 pm F 6-4 South Davidson  Fair Grove Lambeth   Hasty
Tue4/16/20197:15 pm F 7-10 Hasty Braves  Fair Grove Morgan   Hasty
Thu4/18/20196:15 pm F 14-0 South Davidson  Pilot Talent Force   Fair Grove
Thu4/18/20196:15 pm F 22-6 Friendship Chase  Hasty Braves   Pilot
Thu4/18/20197:15 pm F 11-8 Fair Grove Lambeth  Fair Grove Knox   Fair Grove
Thu4/18/20197:15 pm PPDN/RPilot Braves  Hasty Rays   Pilot
Thu4/25/20196:15 pm F 4-13 Hasty Braves  Fair Grove Lambeth   Fair Grove
Thu4/25/20196:15 pm F 4-23 Pilot Talent Force  Brier Creek   Hasty
Thu4/25/20197:15 pm F 19-5 Fair Grove Morgan  Pilot Braves   Fair Grove
Thu4/25/20197:15 pm F 0-21 Hasty Rays  Fair Grove Knox   Hasty
Fri4/26/20196:15 pm PPDN/RPilot Talent Force  Friendship Cline   Bombay
Fri4/26/20197:15 pm PPDN/RFriendship Chase  South Davidson   Bombay
Mon4/29/20197:15 pm FFT 0-0 Pilot Braves  Hasty Rays   Pilot
Tue4/30/20196:15 pm F 23-4 Friendship Chase  Pilot Braves   Friendship
Tue4/30/20196:15 pm F 18-5 Hasty Braves  South Davidson   Hasty
Tue4/30/20197:15 pm F 3-14 Friendship Cline  Brier Creek   Friendship
Tue4/30/20197:15 pm F 0-15 Hasty Rays  Fair Grove Lambeth   Hasty
Wed5/1/20196:15 pm F 7-21 Pilot Braves  Fair Grove Knox   Pilot
Wed5/1/20197:15 pm F 21-1 Fair Grove Morgan  Pilot Talent Force   Pilot
Thu5/2/20196:15 pm F 4-20 Pilot Braves  Fair Grove Lambeth   Bombay
Thu5/2/20196:15 pm F 3-19 Friendship Cline  Hasty Braves   Hasty
Thu5/2/20197:15 pm F 8-18 Brier Creek  South Davidson   Bombay
Thu5/2/20197:15 pm F 16-3 Hasty Rays  Pilot Talent Force   Hasty
Thu5/2/20197:15 pm F 13-14 Friendship Chase  Fair Grove Morgan   Pilot
Sat5/4/201910:00 am FFT 4-7 Pilot Talent Force  Friendship Cline   Bombay
Sat5/4/201911:00 am F 19-4 Friendship Chase  South Davidson   Bombay
Tue5/7/20196:15 pm F 22-1 South Davidson  Hasty Rays   Friendship
Tue5/7/20197:15 pm F 9-10 Brier Creek  Friendship Chase   Friendship
Thu5/9/20196:15 pm F 15-12 Brier Creek  Pilot Braves   Bombay
Thu5/9/20196:15 pm F 15-5 Fair Grove Knox  Friendship Chase   Fair Grove
Thu5/9/20197:15 pm F 5-16 Friendship Cline  South Davidson   Bombay
Thu5/9/20197:15 pm F 8-9 Fair Grove Morgan  Fair Grove Lambeth   Fair Grove
Tue5/14/20196:15 pm F 12-6 Hasty Braves  Hasty Rays   Hasty
Tue5/14/20196:15 pm F 21-5 Pilot Braves  Pilot Talent Force   Pilot
Tue5/14/20197:15 pm F 16-7 Fair Grove Knox  Fair Grove Morgan   Fair Grove
Tue5/14/20197:15 pm F 10-19 Friendship Cline  Friendship Chase   Friendship
Wed5/15/20196:15 pm F 14-8 Fair Grove Lambeth  Friendship Chase   Friendship
Wed5/15/20197:15 pm F 9-3 Hasty Rays  Friendship Cline   Friendship
Fri5/17/20196:15 pm F 20-6 Fair Grove Morgan  Friendship Cline   Fair Grove
Fri5/17/20197:15 pm F 19-16 Fair Grove Knox  Hasty Braves   Fair Grove
Mon5/20/20196:15 pm F 20-4 Fair Grove Lambeth  Friendship Cline   Hasty
Mon5/20/20197:15 pm F 3-11 Hasty Rays  Brier Creek   Hasty
Mon5/20/20197:15 pm F 0-10 Pilot Talent Force  Hasty Braves   Pilot
Tue5/21/20196:15 pm F 0-1 Hasty Rays  Fair Grove Lambeth   Fair Grove
Tue5/21/20196:15 pm F 0-1 Hasty Braves  Fair Grove Morgan   Friendship
Tue5/21/20197:15 pm F 0-1 Brier Creek  Fair Grove Knox   Fair Grove
Tue5/21/20197:15 pm F 0-1 South Davidson  Friendship Chase   Friendship
Wed5/22/20196:15 pm F 1-0 Friendship Chase  Fair Grove Lambeth   Fair Grove
Wed5/22/20197:15 pm F 0-1 Fair Grove Morgan  Fair Grove Knox   Fair Grove
Thu5/23/20196:15 pm TBPN/RFriendship Chase  Fair Grove Knox   Pilot

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