Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Tue5/24/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RNiagara United  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Sat5/28/201610:40 am 11:50am TBPN/RMount Hamilton  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Sat5/28/20162:20 pm 3:30pm TBPN/ROakridge Storm  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Sat5/28/20165:50 pm 7:00pm TBPN/RWaterloo United  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Tue5/31/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Welland Wizards   Youngs Sportsplex - Welland- Grass Field 4
Tue6/7/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RSt Cath Jets  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Tue6/14/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RDundas Blue Devils  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Tue6/21/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RHamilton Sparta  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Tue6/28/20169:00 pm 11:00pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Dundas Blue Devils   Olympic #2 park, Dundas
Tue7/5/20169:00 pm 11:00pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Mount Hamilton   Mohawk#4
Sat7/9/201611:00 am 12:15pm #1252
N/RWest Genny FC  Grimsby Griffins   Fort Niagara 13
Sat7/9/20165:00 pm TBATBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Brockport Blizzard   Fort Niagara 12
Sun7/10/20168:00 am 9:15am TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Amherst United   Fort Niagara 12
Tue7/12/20169:00 pm 11:00pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Niagara United   Kalar Sports Park 6
Tue7/19/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RWelland Wizards  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Wed7/27/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  St Cath Jets   Lester B Pearson W Field
Tue8/2/20169:00 pm 11:00pm TBPN/RBrantford Galaxy  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Sat8/6/201611:30 am 12:30pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Arsenal du Chambly   Hornets Nest 2 (HN2)
Sat8/6/20163:15 pm 4:15pm TBPN/ROttawa City  Grimsby Griffins   Hornets Nest 4 (HN4)
Sun8/7/20169:45 am 10:45am TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Ottawa Hornets Impact   Potvin 6
Tue8/9/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Hamilton Sparta   Mohawk#4
Tue8/16/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RDundas Blue Devils  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Tue8/23/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RMount Hamilton  Grimsby Griffins   Smith Field #3
Tue8/30/20167:00 pm 9:00pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Brantford Galaxy   Lions Enclosure
Tue10/4/20166:30 pm 8:15pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  vs u17s Grimsby   Smith Field #3
Sat11/5/20169:15 pm 10:14am TBPN/RDundas u18  Grimsby Griffins   Players Paradise
Sat11/12/201610:15 pm 11:15pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Grimsby Vipers u17   Players Paradise
Sat11/19/20168:15 pm 9:15pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Flamborough Flames u17   Players Paradise
Sat11/26/201610:15 pm 11:15pm TBPN/RGrimsby Griffins  Burlington U18   Players Paradise
Sat12/10/20169:15 pm 10:15pm TBPN/RMount Hamilton  Grimsby Griffins   Players Paradise
Sat12/17/20168:15 pm 9:15pm TBPN/RDixie u17  Grimsby Griffins   Players Paradise
Sat1/14/20179:15 pm 10:15pm TBPN/RBurlington U18  Grimsby Griffins   Players Paradise
Sat1/21/201710:15 pm 11:15pm TBPN/RBurlington u17  Grimsby Griffins   -----------------------------

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Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported