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Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Tue3/29/20166:00 pm TBPN/RFairview Mets  Fairview Shockers   Hidden Valley Park
Tue4/12/20167:30 pm TBPN/RFairview Mets  Locust Grove   Warren Holder Park
Sat4/16/201610:00 am TBPN/RFairview Mets  NH Thunder   Cochran Park
Thu4/21/20166:00 pm TBPN/RFairview Mets  MYA Braves   Richard Craig Park
Sat4/23/201611:30 am TBPN/RFairview Shockers  Fairview Mets   Hidden Valley Park
Tue4/26/20166:00 pm TBPN/RNH Slammers  Fairview Mets   Hidden Valley Park
Sat4/30/201610:00 am TBPN/RLocust Grove  Fairview Mets   Hidden Valley Park
Thu5/5/20166:00 pm TBPN/RNH Dodgers  Fairview Mets   Hidden Valley Park
Sat5/14/201611:30 am TBPN/RMYA Indians  Fairview Mets   Hidden Valley Park
Thu5/19/20166:00 pm TBPN/RFairview Mets  MYA Jackets   Richard Craig Park
Thu5/26/20167:30 pm TBPN/RMYA Prospects  Fairview Mets   Hidden Valley Park

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported