Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sun4/29/201210:45 am W 27-36 Upper Valley Wolfpack  2012/12U/Grade 7   St. Anselm College
Sun4/29/20122:30 pm L 66-21 Granite State Rockettes  2012/12U/Grade 7   St. Anselm College
Sun4/29/20123:45 pm L 41-36 VT Lady Hoopsters  2012/12U/Grade 7   St. Anselm College
Sun4/29/20126:15 pm L 49-39 NH Flames  2012/12U/Grade 7   St. Anselm College
Wed5/9/20121:30 pm L 64-26 CT Spirit  2012/12U/Grade 7   Williams High School
Wed5/9/20125:25 pm L 52-19 Ct. Storm Premier  2012/12U/Grade 7   Williams High School
Sun5/13/201212:10 pm W 28-31 Xtaxcy Westport Warriors  2012/12U/Grade 7   Haynes Elementary School
Sun5/13/20124:00 pm L 36-33 CT Swish  2012/12U/Grade 7   Clark Lane Middle School
Sat5/19/201212:00 pm L 37-23 CT Heat  2012/12U/Grade 7   North Haven Middle School
Sat5/19/20121:40 pm L 46-22 Ct Attack  2012/12U/Grade 7   North Haven Middle School
Sat5/19/20124:40 pm L 48-22 Stamford Peace  2012/12U/Grade 7   North Haven Middle School
Sat5/19/20125:10 pm L 42-20 Saratoga Sparks 12U  2012/12U/Grade 7   New Haven Fieldhouse
Sat6/2/20128:00 am L 47-22 Bay State Magic Elite  2012/12U/Grade 7   Roger Williams University
Sat6/2/201210:20 am L 43-24 Mass Ducks 12U  2012/12U/Grade 7   Roger Williams University
Sun6/3/20129:10 am L 46-39 South Shore Stars  2012/12U/Grade 7   Roger Williams University
Sun6/10/20129:10 am L 37-28 CT Starters  2012/12U/Grade 7   Connecticut College
Sun6/10/20129:10 am L 33-16 CT Cobras  2012/12U/Grade 7   Ledyard Middle School
Sun6/10/201212:40 pm L 48-11 CT Heat  2012/12U/Grade 7   Connecticut College
Sun6/10/201212:40 pm L 35-32 CT Magic  2012/12U/Grade 7   Connecticut College
Sun6/17/20129:40 am L 54-33 Bay State Gazelles  2012/12U/Grade 7   Bourne Middle School
Sun6/17/20122:20 pm L 56-24 Cape Cod Waves U12  2012/12U/Grade 7   Bourne High School
Sun6/17/20124:40 pm W 21-42 Mass Ducks 12U  2012/12U/Grade 7   Barnstable Intermediate School
Sun6/24/20129:40 am W 24-32 Bay State Demons  2012/12U/Grade 7   New Haven Fieldhouse
Sun6/24/201212:00 pm W 32-43 Ct Attack  2012/12U/Grade 7   Sal Tinari Gym East Haven Ct
Sun6/24/201212:30 pm W 35-37 Bronx Lady Hawks  2012/12U/Grade 7   North Haven HS
Sun6/24/20125:10 pm W 17-33 Team CT  2012/12U/Grade 7   New Haven Fieldhouse

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported