Tourney Schedules

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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sat9/5/20158:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  LVBA Prospects 18u   Virginia Wesleyan College
Sat9/5/20151:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  U.S. Elite VA   Virginia Wesleyan College
Sun9/6/20159:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Tidewater Drillers   Norfolk State
Sun9/6/201511:30 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Tidewater Blackhawks   Norfolk State
Sat9/19/20158:00 am TBPN/RHit Doctor  VENOM SHOWCASE   WARHILL (Field 5)
Sat9/19/201512:00 pm TBPN/RVirginia Patriots  VENOM SHOWCASE   WARHILL (Field 5)
Sat10/3/20158:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Rawlings Prospect 2017   Liberty Christian highschool
Sat10/3/20151:30 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Dirtbag Gold   Liberty Christian highschool
Sun10/4/20152:45 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Diamond ELite   Liberty University
Sat10/10/20159:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Old Dominion   Old Dominion University
Sun10/11/201512:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Mid Atlantic Dirtbags   Christopher Newport University
Sun10/11/20153:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Hampton Roads Hurricanes 18's   Christopher Newport University
Sat10/24/201510:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Old Dominion Hitters 17u   Mary Washington College
Sat10/24/20152:15 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Old Dominion Hitters 18u   Riverbend Highschool
Sun10/25/20159:30 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Diamond ELite   James River Highschool
Sun10/25/201512:15 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Wolfpack 18u   James River Highschool
Fri6/17/20164:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Team First   Longwood University
Sat6/18/201610:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  RTG Baseball   Liberty University
Sat6/18/20161:10 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Dirtbag Gold   Liberty Christian highschool
Sun6/19/201611:30 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Dirtbags Camo   Longwood University
Mon6/20/2016TBAFN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  POSITION/TBD   Liberty University
Fri6/24/20161:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Chesapeake Rays   VSC Sports Complex
Fri6/24/20166:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  API   VSC Sports Complex
Sat6/25/20169:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Hit Doctor   Randolph Macon College
Sat6/25/20164:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  API   Randolph Macon College
Sun6/26/2016TBAFN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  POSITION/TBD   University of Richmond
Fri7/15/20161:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Virginia Phantoms   Churchland High School
Fri7/15/20166:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Baltimore Redbirds   Hampton Highschool
Sat7/16/201610:30 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Virginia Blacksox   Churchland High School
Sat7/16/20166:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Glen Allen Scorpions   Virginia Wesleyan College
Sun7/17/2016TBAFN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  POSITION/TBD   William & Mary College
Fri7/22/20169:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  DP Cougars Pralgo   Aviation Sports Complex
Fri7/22/20165:15 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Elite Training Academy   Perfect Game Park at LakePoint
Sat7/23/201612:45 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  CBA Cavs   Perfect Game Park at LakePoint
Sun7/24/20168:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  OMBC   Perfect Game Park at LakePoint
Mon7/25/20162:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Cincinnatti Mustangs   North Cobb Christian School
Fri8/5/20162:00 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Mid Atlantic Dirtbags   Old Dominion University
Sat8/6/201611:30 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Hampton Roads Hurricanes   Hampton Highschool
Sat8/6/20164:30 pm TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  MSI   Hampton Highschool
Sun8/7/20169:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Dreadnaughts   Old Dominion University
Sat10/15/20168:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Rise Baseball   Hampton Highschool
Sat10/15/201610:50 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Hampton Roads Hurricanes   Hampton Highschool
Sun10/16/20168:00 am TBPN/RVENOM SHOWCASE  Mid Atlantic Dirtbags   Old Dominion University

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported