Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 10-12 Boni Vital Grey Sox  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #2
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 15-3 Park City Wildcats  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 17-5 MacDonald Yankees  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Sun5/6/20186:00 pm F 7-10 East St. Paul Aces  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Allard Park
Sun5/6/20186:00 pm F 8-4 Boni Vital Gold Sox  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #1
Sun5/6/20186:00 pm F 6-6 South Winnipeg  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 3-5 Springfield Braves  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #1
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 21-3 Park City Wildcats  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 10-7 Boni Vital Gold Sox  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm F 8-11 Charleswood Goldeyes  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #2
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm F 7-8 MacDonald Yankees  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm PPDN/RMaples Monarchs  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm F 2-4 Boni Vital Grey Sox  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Fri5/11/20186:30 pm F 17-8 Red River  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #2
Sat5/12/201812:00 pm F 17-5 Park City Wildcats  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Sun5/13/20182:00 pm F 1-14 Kirkfield Westwood Bears  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #1
Sun5/13/20186:00 pm F 10-11 South Winnipeg  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #1
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm F 15-2 Corydon Comets  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Allard Park
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm F 3-8 Charleswood Goldeyes  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm PPDN/REast St. Paul Aces  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm F 7-12 South Winnipeg  Park City Wildcats  TBA
Sun5/20/20183:00 pm F 4-14 Charleswood Goldeyes  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Sun5/20/20186:30 pm F 19-10 South Winnipeg  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Allard Park
Sun5/20/20186:30 pm F 15-9 Corydon Comets  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Mon5/21/20186:30 pm F 9-15 East St. Paul Aces  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Mon5/21/20189:30 pm F 6-16 Red River  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 22-8 MacDonald Yankees  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #1
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 1-11 East St. Paul Aces  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 6-16 Kirkfield Westwood Bears  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 13-7 Maples Monarchs  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 5-10 Boni Vital Grey Sox  Park City Wildcats   Transcona Stadium
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm F 11-4 Boni Vital Grey Sox  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm F 1-10 Maples Monarchs  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm F 8-2 Corydon Comets  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Sun5/27/20182:00 pm F 8-16 Kirkfield Westwood Bears  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #1
Sun5/27/20182:00 pm F 3-13 Springfield Braves  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Sun5/27/20186:00 pm F 3-13 South Winnipeg  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #1
Sun5/27/20186:30 pm F 13-6 Park City Wildcats  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Tue5/29/20186:00 pm F 23-6 Red River  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm F 11-15 Maples Monarchs  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Allard Park
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm F 1-2 Corydon Comets  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm F 10-14 Boni Vital Gold Sox  Park City Wildcats   Transcona Stadium
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm F 13-9 Springfield Braves  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm F 5-16 Charleswood Goldeyes  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #1
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm F 6-16 Red River  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm F 10-10 MacDonald Yankees  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm F 21-1 Park City Wildcats  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm F 5-11 South Winnipeg  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Sun6/3/20186:00 pm F 10-11 Maples Monarchs  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #1
Sun6/3/20186:30 pm F 14-4 MacDonald Yankees  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Allard Park
Mon6/4/20186:30 pm F 11-8 Springfield Braves  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm F 17-17 Springfield Braves  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Allard Park
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm F 5-17 East St. Paul Aces  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #1
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm FFT 0-1 Corydon Comets  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm F 12-2 Boni Vital Gold Sox  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm F 4-10 Red River  Park City Wildcats   Transcona Stadium
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm F 2-12 South Winnipeg  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Wed6/6/20189:30 pm F 10-11 Boni Vital Gold Sox  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm F 3-4 Charleswood Goldeyes  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm F 17-8 South Winnipeg  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm F 20-0 Boni Vital Grey Sox  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Fri6/8/20186:30 pm F 7-9 Red River  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm F 4-5 MacDonald Yankees  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #1
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm F 8-13 Boni Vital Grey Sox  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm FFT 0-7 East St. Paul Aces  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm F 10-20 Kirkfield Westwood Bears  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm F 10-11 Charleswood Goldeyes  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Wed6/13/20186:30 pm F 10-6 Red River  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #1
Wed6/13/20186:30 pm F 14-7 Boni Vital Grey Sox  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Optimist - CWB
Wed6/13/20186:30 pm PPDN/RCharleswood Goldeyes  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm TBPN/RBoni Vital Gold Sox  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm F 23-10 Springfield Braves  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm FFT 0-0 Kirkfield Westwood Bears  Park City Wildcats   Transcona Stadium
Fri6/15/20186:30 pm F 8-5 Park City Wildcats  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #1
Fri6/15/20186:30 pm FFT 0-0 Maples Monarchs  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Fri6/15/20186:30 pm F 9-3 Corydon Comets  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Fri6/15/20186:30 pm F 5-10 Boni Vital Grey Sox  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Fri6/15/20186:30 pm F 6-4 MacDonald Yankees  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Fri6/15/20186:30 pm F 17-17 Kirkfield Westwood Bears  Boni Vital Gold Sox   Whittier Park
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm F 22-3 Charleswood Goldeyes  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Charleswood Place #1
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm F 8-16 Boni Vital Gold Sox  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm F 22-17 Red River  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm FFT 0-1 Park City Wildcats  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm F 1-11 East St. Paul Aces  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm F 3-13 Springfield Braves  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm F 19-11 Boni Vital Gold Sox  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm FFT 0-1 East St. Paul Aces  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm F 4-15 Maples Monarchs  Park City Wildcats   Transcona Stadium
Wed6/20/20186:30 pm F 18-13 South Winnipeg  Springfield Braves   Dugald
Thu6/21/20186:30 pm F 3-7 Boni Vital Gold Sox  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Thu6/21/20186:30 pm F 1-16 East St. Paul Aces  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Thu6/21/20186:30 pm F 2-10 Corydon Comets  Park City Wildcats   Transcona Stadium
Thu6/21/20186:30 pm F 5-14 Maples Monarchs  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Fri6/22/20186:30 pm TBPN/RPark City Wildcats  Corydon Comets   Charleswood Place #1
Sat6/23/20182:00 pm F 3-7 MacDonald Yankees  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Sun6/24/20186:30 pm F 8-16 MacDonald Yankees  Park City Wildcats   Dugald
Sun6/24/20186:30 pm F 7-17 Kirkfield Westwood Bears  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Sun6/24/20189:30 pm F 12-1 Corydon Comets  Boni Vital Grey Sox   Whittier Park
Mon6/25/20186:30 pm F 11-7 Springfield Braves  Charleswood Goldeyes   Charleswood Place #1
Mon6/25/20186:30 pm F 3-19 Kirkfield Westwood Bears  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Tue6/26/20186:30 pm F 22-7 Park City Wildcats  Kirkfield Westwood Bears   Allard Park
Tue6/26/20186:30 pm F 15-8 Corydon Comets  Red River   Ecole Riverbend
Tue6/26/20186:30 pm F 17-1 Charleswood Goldeyes  Maples Monarchs   Maples Complex
Tue6/26/20186:30 pm F 5-7 Boni Vital Grey Sox  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Thu6/28/20186:30 pm TBPN/RKirkfield Westwood Bears  East St. Paul Aces   East St. Paul Complex
Thu6/28/20186:30 pm F 20-8 Red River  South Winnipeg   Sandusky Park
Thu6/28/20186:30 pm F 16-14 Maples Monarchs  MacDonald Yankees   Sanford
Thu6/28/20186:30 pm FFT 0-0 Springfield Braves  Park City Wildcats   Transcona Stadium

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