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2019 Sunday Federal 35+

Team WinsLossesTiesForfeitsPenaltiesPointsWinning %
Valley Bruins155030.750
Dogtown Rockhounds146028.700
LA Braves910119.475
Valley Brewers812016.400
Los Angeles Diablos713014.350
Burbank Gators613113.325

Division Champ: VALLEY BRUINS

Best Hitter Award: Alex Ansoleaga (Rockhounds)
Best Pitcher Award: Emeterio Soriano (Rockhounds)

Top 4 teams play in a single elimination playoff. Teams are re-seeded after each round.

Semi-Finals (8/18 @ Warren HS @ 9:30 AM): #4 Brewers (4) @ #1 Bruins (5)

Semi-Finals (8/18 @ Warren HS @ 1:00 PM): #3 Braves (6) @ #2 Rockhounds (7)

Championship (8/25 @ Glendale SC @ 1:30 PM): #2 Rockhounds (16) @ #1 Bruins (12)


Top row: Michael Rivera, Greg Frey, Pat Allen, Matt Floyd, Pat Pyle, Brian Nichols, Junior Soriano, Ryan Shipton
Middle row: Alex Ansoleaga, Travis Zahodnik, Bill Burns, William Burns, Mark Bridges, Kyle Yamamoto
Bottom row: Brad Urba, Jeremy Spring

Age requirements for the SUNDAY FEDERAL 35+ DIVISION: All players must at least reach their 35th birthday by December 31, 2019, ADDITIONALLY a) each team may roster under age players (an underage player must be at least league age 25), however, each team may play no more than 3 underage players (rostered or otherwise), in any one game. (REMINDER: Pool players must be announced at the pre-game manager's meeting, those players must be legal pool players, and must adhere to all pool player provisions). ADDITIONALLY b) underage players are not allowed to pitch in this division.