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Individual Pitching Leaders

Derek Benedict Star Spangled Dingers 115.002401100.001.20
Mike Speek Jr. Indy 8 Balls 11949.11419409310731.421.20
Mike Speek Sr. Indy 8 Balls 9942.0143216799901.671.14
Brian Schaler Noodlers 141462.028633698141132.261.60
Rudy Lyon Inglorious Batters 5525.0122424435322.401.92
Bailey Buescher Crazy Fat Kids 3210.261114202112.812.35
Joshua Hart South Side Short Shorts 316.2411641103.002.55
Brandon Benedict Star Spangled Dingers 4318.2121125163123.211.93
Colin Miller Kings of Diamonds 6630.0213317356513.501.67
Dylan Jones Dingleberries 215.148231103.751.88
Cody House Noodlers 7730.0232820307523.831.60
Zach McFarland Indy 8 Balls 7733.2273433516704.011.99
Holden Palmer Inglorious Batters 131363.05269459513494.131.81
Dakota Rogers Noodlers 3315.0131616183304.332.13
Keegan Caughey South Side Short Shorts 4212.112171492124.862.51
Rudy Lyon Crazy Fat Kids 2110.0101114172115.002.50
Slater Burge Kings of Diamonds 6522.2232525264145.072.21
Blake Voris South Side Short Shorts 111142.0434055517645.122.26
Sawyer Mitchell Kings of Diamonds 4319.0201427183035.262.16
Brendan Dudas South Side Short Shorts 11846.0502984576545.432.46
Dylan Jones South Side Short Shorts 8629.1323739274325.452.59
Austin Church Star Spangled Dingers 111050.1565655379465.562.21
Zach Faulkner Kings of Diamonds 114.057510016.253.00
Michael Plourde Star Spangled Dingers 10838.2504744347536.472.35
Joshua Soeurt Inglorious Batters 2210.013141262026.502.60
Jeremy McIntyre Kings of Diamonds 8733.0474438176257.122.48
Blake Chitwood Inglorious Batters 115.088451018.002.40
Joshua Soeurt Dingleberries 4419.0312826264048.162.84
Daniel Miller Crazy Fat Kids 131357.195108537512588.282.81
Jimmy Sedam Crazy Fat Kids 115.010175110110.004.40
Aidan Palmer Dingleberries 141355.11169587831031010.483.29
Reid Werner Inglorious Batters 114.01079610112.504.00
Brandon Patterson Crazy Fat Kids 229.0322614420217.784.44
Kyan Hamilton Dingleberries 428.2332320410219.044.97
Max Heyob Star Spangled Dingers 101.0421000020.003.00
Keith Waller Dingleberries 214.220818410121.435.58
Kyle King Dingleberries 214.018165300122.505.25
David Root Crazy Fat Kids 101.0542000025.006.00
Anthony Felumero Crazy Fat Kids 112.01042100125.003.00
Willie Bryan Crazy Fat Kids 112.015126210137.509.00
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