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Blue Jays

Is it May yet?

The new year is upon us and we are just about to kick off winter workouts. We may not have had the best year last season but we played hard each and every game and, with some tweaking and our fielding rotation finally settled (as well as some returning faces from 2015) we are ready to go for 2017.

We would like to thank our Sponsors from 2016 for their support;

Nancy Cloutier Real Estate & Pollard Enterprises Ltd.

For 2017, we have secured several sponsors including, Bluebird Music Ltd. (, REACHE, AMC Landscapping and Pollard Enterprises Ltd.

With some new faces coming aboard and some returning vets back from the DL for a full year, we look forward to a vastly improved 2017 season.
41 Greg McEachern.556872118610000320000001010010.619.5561.175
30 Ben Singh.5481613504214233007810021100003026.680.6191.299
37 Dave Oelke.47411720194900041100000001009.550.4741.024
22 John McNeil.42913532286120001042002000000012.500.429.929
3 Terry Alderson.410178503917162005663010102011018.540.4621.002
35 Paolo Del Rio.37511930169600068050200100206.700.3751.075
4 Mark Wolfendale.36412926225800053510300001008.500.364.864
17 Mike Villa.3339821186610022500111001207.550.389.939
23 Zac Nunez.3201332725482001015001001022010.481.400.881
10 Adbel Rodriguez.30618174536611010979009011002013.455.361.816
6 Chris Errington.28611923213620052600300000008.348.381.729
19 Justin Loncaric.2691414342647110463102101000010.412.385.796
11 Dan Butterfield.25051743100002110000001101.857.2501.107
25 Dave Wolfendale.238163272145000761100100000005.407.238.646
5 Marco Serra.23118174439791007510009000213010.409.256.666
42 Glenn Edwards.1825312112200021300000000002.250.182.432
7 Justin Van.14360771100010300100000001.143.143.286
14 Jay Rein.11812319171200002600000000202.316.118.433
20 Ryan Vella.11810619170200012400000001102.316.118.433
77 Matt Carmichael.0776513132100000300200001001.154.077.231
12 Trevor Bardon.0628418161110041210000002102.333.125.458

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