Achey Dogs

  • Brian Scalata (6176800027)
  • Rich Hoppie (5088253273)
  • 3-15

The Achey Dogs are a team that really wouldnt even had been here if it wasnt for Scalata and Hoppie. Team has potential to make a push for one of the last couple playoff spots if they can remain healthy and avoid forfeits. Led by one of the best defensive shortstops out there in Pat Young, Nick Aspden, Rich Hoppie, The Scalata clan and new addition Mike Petrino..... This team picked up a big win in week 1 which was half the wins of the two comibined teams last year.
  Bob Perry.6909291520403020010000033.7101.1381.848
  Shawn Murphy.619521813103000000000023.6191.0951.714
  Pat Young.59512422025833020030000048.6141.1431.756
  Nick Aspden.593145423321420000020000050.593.9261.519
  Ron Gendron.56015501528424031030000048.585.9601.545
  Shawn Gibbons.55314471526600030010000032.580.6811.261
  Rich Hoppie.55115491827310050020000032.593.6531.246
  Ryan Scalata.54914511828315000040000048.549.9411.490
  Spencer Monde.54716531529721040030000043.579.8111.390
  Dave Aspden.50016501725522090000000040.576.8001.376
  Tom Barbato.50012421021510000000000028.500.6671.167
  Brian Scalata.479164814230120100000000031.569.6461.215
  Mark Lagerquist.43213441019211020000000026.457.5911.047
  Mike petrino.34212381113410050000000019.419.500.919
  Tom Murphy.3201550916000021000000016.346.320.666
  Jeremiah Boulay.1007200200002300000002.182.100.282

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