Outlaws 2013 squad is exactly the same as 2012. They added Tyler last year which added some more pop to an already stacked lineup... These guys can hit and field with anyone. Led By Shawn Turner who is arguably one of the best all around players out there. This offense can mash a ton of power and no easy out up and down. John Dicenso, Jared Fiamuara, Shane Glynn, and Kevin Calvi lead this squad. This team has to be one of the odds on favorites every single year. They are a top 5 team
  Shawn Turner.7001870364913495340003003097.6881.3862.074
  Shane Glynn.6401450353212202080001015048.695.9601.655
  Kevin Calvi.639197245466244730007027068.622.9441.566
  John DiCenso.627186743421211859405030240110.6491.6422.290
  Dan Lodge.612144916308011970003002041.627.8371.464
  Jared Fiumara.60318583035521032150001001074.6761.2761.952
  Michael Parker.552176732372602460000005051.589.7611.350
  Jeff Howe.5251961363272437100006014055.558.9021.460
  Tyler Fiumara.524176326339212043003006049.529.7781.306
  Scott Chandler.517186022313101740001014036.554.6001.154
  Sean Buffington.459176124286211582002016041.521.6721.193
  Doug Mann.405197414302012620002013035.423.473.896
  Tony Fiumara.35117571720510991001037027.478.474.951
  Ernest Pope.310175818181011482000046022.455.379.834
  Artie Pettersen.27813361110110750001003013.357.361.718

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