This rooneys squad is really an illusion. They are much better than their record indicates over the last few years. There issues with forfeits and playing with 9 guys is still an issue. This squad still has a bunch of talent on it if they get everyone to show could easily be a playoff team. Led by Tony Lopez, offensively they can hit... Cliff, Mcglone, Rooney, Sylvestro, Lippy all bring it. Perhaps two of the top players out there in Ian Kimmett and Carver Legen Chris Harkins.... I have no clue where this team is going to end up, but if they get rolling, I would not want to face them in a playoff series
  Chris Harkins.8511774496336013641400000000138.8751.8652.740
  Tyler Tabke.8155271722504810000000039.8211.4442.266
  Billy Bates.66773924267251500000000052.6671.3332.000
  Todd Billings.607125634348006100000000042.667.7501.417
  Ian Kimmett.5391676354117574040000000089.5621.1711.734
  Matt Lipsett.530146612356001440000000041.557.6211.178
  Cliff Tabke.517136021319223040000000050.547.8331.380
  Mike McGlone.509125711294101850000000035.548.6141.162
  Darryl Richters.461177613354011121000000042.474.5531.027
  Rob Rooney.429628912102830000000019.484.6791.162
  Lee Cannon.425167312313101441000000036.455.493.948
  Kevin Silveira.4059379154131820000000030.436.8111.247
  Tony Lopez.38718751529100980000000030.446.400.846
  Kevin McNeely.3088266800021000000008.333.308.641
  Paul Sylvestro.308626108201140000000013.400.500.900
  Jim Aldrovandi.

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