• Chris Currier
  • Glenn Chandler
  • 9-10

What is going to become of the 2013 scum team??? The decision to dismantle or give it another go around by Chris Currier and Glenn Chandler will show itself soon enough. This team has a bunch of talent, Rich Breault, John Coleman, Kyle Prouty, Tim Jones, Benny Grinsell, Tony Pina, all bring it. Just getting everyone to show will be the key. Chicky is one of the best players in the game... Tough to say where this scum team ends up, if everyone shows there a playoff team, if not I see them 8-11
  Brian Bass.
  Rich Breault.
  Glenn Chandler.
  John Coleman.
  Chris Currier.
  Bill Frazier.
  Mike Grabowski.
  Tim Gregor.
  Benny Grinsell.
  Scott Johnson.
  Tim Jones.
  John Kelliher.
  Tony Pina.
  Warren Pittsley.
  Kyle Prouty.
  Rich Webb.
  Shaun White.

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