• Brad White (508-243-5793)
  • Tom Barker (508-982-1257)
  • 12-9

One of those teams who plays good defense and when they hit can beat anyone. Lost their coach and 3 other startes this season, but perhaps had the best draft picking up 4 veterans in Kenny Crowell, Kwood, Joe Alves and Frank Busa. This team is led by new coach Brad White, Brett Tirlia, Nick Oliveria and Tom Barker anchors this team. I see this squad finishing in the 4-6 range yet again
2 Frank Busa.6368331621302850001000030.667.9091.576
1 Tom Barker.6322068384313243261003003072.6361.0591.695
23 Brett Tirlia.6091664303917643240002001080.6141.2501.864
19 Brad White.606207132431251166912010002098.5781.3801.958
55 Keith Kenyon.5212171283753227111003051054.624.7611.384
3 Joe Alves.514197424385232651005020056.536.7571.292
12 Ken Wood Jr.512208629446102221000030052.557.6051.161
33 Nick Oliveira.507187122366012810000044045.569.6341.203
11 Gavin Steinman.500134811247101615002003033.490.6871.178
29 Kenny Crowell.4882184414112132471003319064.521.7621.283
  Steve Weixler.4553114510012000001206.615.5451.161
00 Michael Cabral.44420722332300844000134035.513.486.999
35 Randy Drew.41321751831200963001224033.476.440.916
24 Paul Ciavarro.373207514288021511004026042.387.560.947
9 John Morrissey.31818661421100530000312022.362.333.696

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