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CV BOLTS 7th/13u Team

  • Adam Fisher
  • Preston Gaines
  • Joshua G.
  • 12-16

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Players in 6th or 7th grade who are no older than 13 by August 31, 2019.
  Caden Bredeman183.3602251122.500
  Jackson Esbenshade203.060231316.167
  Sawyer Esbenshade192.03814648.500
  Grayson Fisher201.939156312.250
  Kyle Jankowski241.33114125.400
  Andy Ponce191.835130918.500
  Terence Rosario278.12189013770.529
  Alex Shiner170.6104112.500
  Evan Wilson201.2249512.500
  Dennis Evans212.655250516.312
  Owen Fisher172.64518546.667
  Jerry Johnson311.7351131013.769
  Nigel Marquez247.21746831712.583
  Nate Showvaker98.67728111018.556
  Jahson Torres281.850205514.357

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