Ascension Cougars (12U)

  • Orin J. Blouin
  • Cory Fallings
    Anton Blouin, Sr.
    Sean Levy
    Robyn Bulter
    Brad Batiste Sr,
  • 2-4

TPYFL Playoffs 2013
TPYFL League 4th Place 2013

TPYFL Super Bowl Runner-up 2012
TPYFL League Champion 2012

TPYFL Playoffs 2011
TPYFL League 2nd Place 2011

TPYFL Playoffs 2010
TPYFL League 3rd Place 2010

TPYFL Playoffs 2009
TPYFL League 2nd Place 2009

TPYFL Playoffs 2008
TPYFL League 4th Place 2008

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