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The Woburn Trojan Patriot level consists mostly of youths from the ages of 11 -14 years of age. Youths that are 11,12,13 of age before August 1 of the current year are unlimited wright. Youths that are 14 years old before August 1 of the current year can weigh a maximum of 145 lbs. to be eligible to play. The minimum is 105 lbs

Where as, the Patriot level is very competitive in nature and the game is structuring youths for the next step into the High School Level, the staff stresses drills to insure each and every athlete is in top physical shape. The current coaches structure their practices so that each player has a great fundamental and mental approach to the game of football. Besides proper football techniques, players come out with a vast knowledge of the game.

The Trojan Patriot team for many years has run a wide open multiple offensive attack with a constant attacking style defense. The Trojans, with always being a constant threat & continue to be a respected team in the league and conference.

Since existence, the Woburn Midget A- level has had great success in capturing 14 Middlesex League crowns in 65,66,69,72,75,76,80,81,82,83,86,96,2001,2003,2004 & 2006. The A’s also were the 1986 EMASS Champions along with an appearance in the 1996 EMASS finals. The A-Team success is due to the many current and former coaches, along with the many dedicated former Trojans who have worn the “Black & Orange”.
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